County-Wide Voting approved

As of last week, countywide voting for Atascosa County has been approved.

Atascosa County Judge Bob Hurley stated the county had been approved to apply for county-wide voting, meaning their next step is to hold a test election to prove the county is capable of doing it. The county has applied for their test election to be held this fall with the November 5 General Election.

At the end of the election, the county must submit how test election went, including voter turnout and how the polling stations did.

“We must indicate it went well. If we can prove it went well, then we’re done. We are permanently county wide voting,” said Judge Hurley.

Judge Hurley commented the process to getting to this point has been painful, explaining that once they would submit one thing, they were asked to submit something else.

“Janice Ruple and her office at the Atascosa County Elections Office did a great job throughout this whole process. I’m thrilled about it all. I think it’s a giant step forward to voter accessibility to making voting easier.”

The county is also looking to add two more early voting stations this fall. Last year, Atascosa County added a second early voting station in JP2 in Lytle. This fall, Judge Hurley said the county will add a third polling station in Pleasanton at the JP1 building. They are also in the works of opening up a fourth and final early voting station in Poteet. Judge Hurley has looked at two other counties in similar size to Atascosa County who expanded their early voting stations and said they are seeing 80-85 percent voter turnout.

“Between these additional early voting stations and the county-wide voting, we can substantially increase our voter turnout,” said Judge Hurley. “Come November, nobody can come to the wrong poll to vote.”

The Pleasanton Express will continue following this story and publish a map of all polling locations. The county will also be publishing a full page ad in the Pleasanton Express with full details and a map of polling locations.

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