County makes it more expensive to open sexually oriented businesses

“The license fee used to be $500, now it is $2,000.”

That’s one of the new regulations regarding sexually oriented businesses in Atascosa County, according to Atascosa County Judge Diana Bautista.

The Count Commissioner’s Court offered a Public meeting on updating and revising rules regarding sexual oriented businesses (SOB). The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts defines a SOB as a nightclub, bar, restaurant or similar commercial enterprise that:

(a) Provides for an audience of two or more individuals live nude entertainment or live nude performances; an d(b) Authorizes on-premises consumption of alcoholic beverages, regardless of whether the consumption of alcoholic beverages is under a license or permit issued under the Alcoholic Beverage Code.”

The $2000 fee applies in three circumstances: a business must pay $2000 for the initial license application, pay $2000 every year to renew, and if their license becomes suspended, the business must pay $2000 to reapply.

This is in addition to other fees, such as the

Sexually Oriented Business

Fee, which charges businesses $5 for each entry by each customer admitted.

This fee was enacted through H.B. No. 1751, passed by the House on May 9, 2007.

In addition to the fee hike, the court changed what times that SOBs can offer their entertainment.

“There is no guessing what time this establishment is supposed to be open.” says Bautista “it’s going to be open the same time you would be able to purchase alcohol.”

Permits to open such business go through the Sherriff’s office.

No permits have been issued, according to Bautista.

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