County cleans up budget items

A comment made by County Judge Diana Bautista was of special interest. She noted that it took a crew with special cranes 12 hours (9:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.) in rainy weather over the weekend to replace all of the Christmas lights on the courthouse. There are 3,000 lights which adorn the historical building.

There was no one at the Monday’s meeting of Commissioners Court to participate in the Public Hearing on taxation of personal property in transit.

The court approved the same measure in 2007; however the state legislature made the counties approve it again this year.

The court passed the measure to adopt a resolution to tax tangible personal property in transit which would otherwise be exempt.

According to Fire Marshal Chuck Garris, he is not recommending the county ban fireworks like it did over the July 4th holidays. On Monday the drought index had dropped to 517. The index would have to be 575 or above by December 15 before a ban would be set.

WARNING: Garris warned that if a person uses fireworks and it starts a fire that spreads to a neighbor’s property, the fireworks user is liable for the resulting fire and damages.

District Attorney Rene Pena requested two line item budget amendments. Both were approved. They included moving $4,012.19 to contract work, machine maintenance and travel; and $13,084.47 to hospital insurance, vehicle maintenance, training, miscellaneous and salary.

Sheriff Tommy Williams received approval on his motions to hire Kelsie Rae Guerra (dispatcher); David Jurney (corrections officer); Eric Stennet (corrections officer); and promote corrections officers Jonathon Small, Joe Gilbert Morales and Robert Christopher Achterber to full time status because they have completed their 90-day probation time.

Also approved were two requests for line item budget amendments by the sheriff. One was to move $97,250 to radio repair, conference expense, gas/oil/service expense, and overtime salary. The other was to move $80,000 to overtime salary.

The court gave approval to move voting locations at the request of Elections Administrator Janice Ruple from Charlotte Fire Station to Charlotte First Baptist Church and from Lytle Fire Station to Lytle’s St. Andrew Catholic Church. The action must be now approved by the department of Justice.

Diane Gonzales had one personnel matter approved. Full Time Deputy Clerk Lisa Castaneda had completed her probation period.

Nikkiah Raquell Guerra, JP1 Clerk, was hired at the request of JP1 Betty Caballero. A line item budget amendment was not approved.

JP Judge Orlando Carrasco requested and received approval for a $20 line item budget amendment to move the funds to conference expenses.

JP Judge Jackie Bodden got the court’s approval to pay $2,952 for a computer quote from Altex.

Treasurer Laura Pawelek received the court’s approval to publish the November report. Commissioners also approved a $672.21 line item budget amendment to be used as conference expense.

Pawelek requested that her continuing education hours be placed in the minutes. The very extensive course earned her the certification of achievement for completing the 40 hours to become the County Investment Officer.

Constable Tony Saucedo was given court approval to move $374 to be used for conference expenses and office supplies/postage.

Precinct 2 Commissioner Bill Torans received approval to promote Refugio H. Rodriguez III to full time having completed his 90-day probation period.

Commissioners Freddie Ogden and Bill Carroll received approval on road

crossings/ boring for:
Cinco Resources — CR-339
Cinco Resources — CR-329
Cinco Resources — CR-340
Enterprise Crude Pipeline — CR-407
Enterprise Crude Pipeline — CR-408
Enterprise Crude Pipeline — CR-410
The court approved the following holidays for county
Martin Luther King — Jan. 16
Presidents Day — Feb. 20
Good Friday — April 6
Memorial Day — May 28
Independence Day — July 4
Labor Day — Sept. 3
Veterans Day — Nov. 12
Thanksgiving — Nov. 22 & 23
Christmas — Dec. 24 & 25
New Years Day Jan. 1, 2013
New Years Day, Jan. 2, 2012 was approved with the 2011

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