Construction on Hwy 97 and 281 intersection to begin Monday

The City of Pleasanton and Pleasanton Police Department have partnered with San Antonio TxDot for a major construction project set to commence on Monday, Oct. 29. The construction will run its course through downtown Pleasanton beginning at the intersection of SH 97 and US 281, according to TxDot.

“The scope of this project on SH 97 is approximately one mile between Plestex Ave. and Bryant St. (FM 746),” said San Antonio TxDot Public Information Officer, Hernan Rozemberg. “We will be revising the current configuration in order to have a dedicated right-turn lane from US 281 southbound onto SH 97.”

According to Rozemberg, the construction will not impact the businesses along its path in a negative way. There will be entry and exit pathways for businesses to utilize to maintain traffic flow.

This construction project is to rehabilitate and improve the current conditions and utilization of State Highway 97.

“We will be improving roadway by replacing one foot of pavement and improving pedestrian access with five-foot sidewalks in both directions of State Highway 97,” said Rozemberg.

Along with that, they will be expanding the radius of each of the northwest and southwest corners of the SH 97 and US 281 intersection. The traffic signal at the intersection will be upgraded as well as improvement of the quality of pavement and new striping laid down.

The now five-lane highway will condense to a two-lane roadway during the length of construction which will take place in four phases: first, construction going eastbound SH 97; second, westbound SH 97; third, construction at the intersection of SH 97 and US 281; and fourth, final paving phase.

“The expected length of the project is 14 months, split into the four phases mentioned, though we’re hoping to complete it ahead of schedule, weather permitting,” said Rozemberg.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $4.2 million.

“The city will be coordinating with TxDot very closely on this project to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible for everyone,” said Pleasanton City Manager Johnny Huizar. “I don’t expect there to be a negative impact of any kind on the businesses along the construction sites.”

City of Pleasanton Public Works Director, David Alviso will be in close contact with TxDot to provide any and all construction updates with the city.

Pleasanton Police Chief Ronald Sanchez commented on the project stating, “We are looking forward to the improvements on W. Oaklawn. We will now have sidewalks which will be safer for pedestrians and our citizens in motorized wheelchairs. We ask for everyone to please be patient during this exten- sive construction process.”

The Pleasanton Express will provide updates in print, on social media and our website at to ensure our readers are made aware of the construction process.

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