Congressman Cuellar rides in parade

Congressman Hunrey Cuellar in the Poteet Strawberry Festival Parade.

Congressman Hunrey Cuellar in the Poteet Strawberry Festival Parade.

Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-TX-28) participated in the annual parade at the Poteet Strawberry Festival. The festival, a fixture of South Texas culture since its inception in 1948, offers a chance for area farmers to showcase their produce in an area famous for its strawberries.

“I enjoyed riding in the Strawberry Festival parade this year, as I do every year,” Congressman Cuellar said. “Poteet, like the area surrounding it, is part of an agricultural region in our district that covers nearly 12,000 farm operators and nearly 8,000 farms. Across our district, farms generate more than $400 million worth of goods sold every year. The farm operators in the northern part of the 28th District deserve recognition for their daily contributions to the local and state economies.”

Aside from his participation in the festival parade, Congressman Cuellar has consistently worked to secure protections for the farm operators in his district through his role on the U.S. House Appropriations Committee and has previously been selected as a Friend of the Farm Bureau by the American Farm Bureau. Late last year, when Congress passed and the president signed a comprehensive government funding package, Congressman Cuellar included a number of agricultural provisions to benefit his district, including greater collaboration between the National Institute of Food and Agriculture and local institutions of higher education and agreements to reduce the risk of foodborne illness as products pass between the U.S. and Mexico.

For more information on the congressman’s work for TX-28 agriculture, please visit his website at

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