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Congratulations to the newest members of the Cowboy Homecoming Court! Elections were held last week and the following young ladies made it to the court and one of them will be crowned queen on Thursday, September 12 at The Office restaurant.

Those elected to represent our town are Claudia Acuff, Cali Evans, Jussiah Lopez, Brianna Ortiz and Chloe Rodriguez.

Forty-three years ago I, too, was elected to the court and was crowned queen during Cowboy Homecoming. It was a great time representing Pleasanton at various events and parades. Early morning trips to area towns – all five of us crammed in my mom’s car (SUVs weren’t all that popular those days) – singing along with the radio, putting together the float and then afterward we’d all head to the nearest Dairy Queen or to the grounds for a bite to eat. Much of the trip back home was spent napping.

It was always fun to recognize friends along the parade routes.

Once, during Austin’s Aquafest, I heard my name being called. The generic “parade wave” turned into a real wave with my feet wiggling (I sat on top a boot) with excitement when I saw one of my former high school teachers, Pablo Aguirre, in the crowd. The same thing happened in Luling when I saw my junior high P.E. teacher, Jan Whitener, on the sidewalk. We girls would also have a competition on who could spot my mom along the way. She would take a small camping stool to sit on (YEARS before the more comfortable bag chairs came into being). Back then, we were required to ride horses for the coronation held in conjunction with the Jaycee’s Rodeo. Our neighboring veterinarian clinic owned by Dr. Todd Oliver offered the use of a most gentle horse, Dusty.

Every day that summer I would walk down our lane to the clinic and Pete Bautista would saddle up Dusty. I would then ride around the pasture and then help unsaddle and brush him down. It wasn’t until last summer that I found out from James and Wes Oliver that Dusty once belonged to Governor John Connally and was his parade horse!

Great memories were made as well as new friends along the way during

Thethat wayyear.

I see it, I hope these girls have the time of their lives. Represent, ladies, represent well!

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