Community gives after house fire

A stilt house, on the corner of Country Trail and South Trail, 4.1 miles east of Pleasanton, burned early Friday morning. The homeowners, Michael and Rebecca Myrin, said that the fire started in the kitchen. He said he jumped out of the first story window, but because the house was on stilts, the force of his fall broke his ankle and a few bones. He also suffered minor burns from the blaze. EMS took him to University Hospital in San Antonio, and Michael underwent surgery Tuesday.

Jourdanton and Leming firefighters doused the home from 2:00am to 5:00am, coming back several times to respond to calls reporting smoke coming from the ruins. Fire Chief Chuck Garris was the lead officer on the fire.

Garris said no one other than the homeowner was hurt, and the house fire did not cause spotting or any other house fires directly.

On Sunday, Brenda Rowinsky, PISD administrative assistant, organized via text message a relief effort. By 5:30pm, several volunteers had put the Myrin’s in a temporary home on 224 Bunker Hill St. in Pleasanton, outfitted with food, a washer, a dryer and some furniture.

The Myrin’s have two boys in Junior High, a daughter in High School, and a son at College.

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