Commissioners disapprove Appraisal District office upgrades

On Feb. 13, Atascosa County Commissioners voted unanimously to disapprove a resolution for office upgrades at the Atascosa County Appraisal District and recommended there be a re-bid. Chief Appraiser Michelle L. Cardenas sent a letter to all entities about the upgrades. She stated that the improvements would be for the front office/customer service area. It would improve access for the public, as well as handicapped persons and allow more people be served in an efficient manner.

Atascosa County Judge Diana Bautista recommended they disapprove the resolution for a couple of reasons. She said her first problem was that they only received one bid. There are at least two companies in Poteet and she found it hard to believe that only one qualified bid was received.

The second problem she cited was that they wanted 1/3 payment to start. Bautista said they do not give money to someone in advance to start a project. The project is $8,700, which rounds up to $9,000, said Bautista so 1/3 of this is about $3,000. Then Commissioner Bill Carroll asked if the company was bonded, which they did not know.

County Commissioners are Lon Gillespie (Pct. 1), William “Bill” Torans (Pct. 2), Freddie Ogden (Pct. 3) and Bill Carroll (Pct. 4).

Judge Bautista read a press release from Norman Porter of the Atascosa County Historical Commission, on the Civil War Reenactment on Saturday, March 24, since volunteers are still needed for this event. The reenactment will be at the Pleasanton River Park, Pavilion #3, located between Adams and Hunt Street at 10 a.m.

The Atascosa County Historical Commission will present a reenactment of how Atascosa County’s history was affected by the Civil War. Indian raids increased when U.S. troops were pulled off the western frontier fortsthe county being part of the frontier in the 1860’s. An Indian attack on one of the early County Commissioners will be reenacted. There was a Company of Volunteer Texas Cavalry mustered in at the early picket-walled dirtfloored courthouse in March of 1862.

Porter is still looking for several horse riders to be in the reenactment, as well as two or three men to play the part of arrow-shooting Indians. Contact Norman Porter at 830-569-2680 or Barbara Westbrook at 830-769-4333 if you are interested.

The Commissioners voted unanimously to accept the appointment of members to the Atascosa County Historical Commission. The new members are Camilla Mitchell, Gloria Jenks, Jim Coronado and Kathy Coronado, all of Pleasanton and Maria Schulze of Jourdanton.

Among items placed on the agenda by Ray Samson, Commissioners voted unanimously to accept all bids on road material for all precincts. They also unanimously accepted both bids on gas and diesel for all precincts, as well as both bids for hauling.

They also voted unanimously to accept the bids for culverts for all precincts. Commissioners also unanimously chose Dewitt for copy paper.

Loretta Holley’s request for a salary increase based on the completion of a probation period was approved for Deputy TAC Carol Santos.

A request by County Clerk Diane Gonzales for a new employee was also approved. Marissa Factor was hired for the position of part-time Deputy Clerk. Gonzales also completed 20 hours of continuing education for 2011, which was entered into the minutes.

Treasurer Laura Pawelek received approval from the court to publish the Treasurer’s Report Order for January.

Lon Gillespie’s request was approved for a new employee, Alfred Sanchez. He was hired as a truck driver and will also perform other duties as assigned.

With a unanimous vote, Commissioners accepted Eagle Ford Crossing as an Atascosa County road.

Commissioners voted unanimously to accept Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions Inc. as the once source of purchase of emulsified asphalt in this area. It is located at 907 Second St. in Pleasanton. Bautista said that unless the court knew something she was unaware of, the next location with this type of business is over 100 miles away.

Freddie Ogden’s request to hire new employee Rogelio Longoria for the position of a precinct worker was approved unanimously.

Also approved unanimously was Benton City Water Supply Corporation’s request for a road crossing on CR 303 for water improvements.

To represent the county, Bautista recommended the appointment of a member and alternate on the Alamo Area Council of Governments Solid Waste Advisory Committee. Gillespie was appointed, with Carroll serving as alternate.

Bautista also asked the Commissioners to think of someone who knows about environmental issues, for appointment of Citizen-At-Large on the AACOG Solid Waste Advisory Committee. She advised them they did not need to name someone until the next meeting.

Capital Outlay Expenditure requests by Ray Samson were approved unanimously: $514.90, $1,764.55 and $3,695.10 to Altex out of San Antonio for computer upgrades. The next request approved unanimously was from Sheriff Tommy Williams. Samson explained that the Sheriff has $120,000 budgeted for four vehicles. The total for those four is a little over $100,000. To purchase one more vehicle will be a little more than $120,000. The difference will be paid from his forfeiture fund, so Commissioners are only approving up to the $120,000 that is budgeted. The court also approved Samson’s request for a fire wall to protect the computers from unauthorized access. This is for $2,200 to Ikon and it is timely and needed, said Samson.

During Commissioner’s Comments, Commissioners discussed how usually, when the Texas Department of Transportation is through with their materials for a project, say for example, on a specific highway, the county can get those materials. However, explained Judge Bautista, a letter needs to be received from TXDOT before the material can be picked up. When they do receive approval from TXDOT, there is a deadline on when the material needs to be picked up. Gillespie said that he felt in the future it should be done by the Commissioner and not the foreman. Bautista said that in this particular instance when it was under the foreman’s name, the commissioner had informed them in advance that he would be gone and once the foreman had received a phone call from TXDOT that those materials would be available, they were then able to send out a letter, on behalf of the foreman’s request.

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