Commissioners’ Court recognizes month of May as Community Action Month

Atascosa County
Commissioners’ Court
Second Regular Meeting
May 23, 2016
9:00 a.m.
Ordered by
Hon. Bob Hurley,
Atascosa County Judge

All four commissioners were present: Lonnie
Gillespie, (Precinct 1); William

“Bill” Torans, (Precinct 2);
Freddie Ogden, (Precinct 3) &
Bill Carroll, (Precinct 4).

After call to order of
the meeting, Judge Hurley
recognized Carol Delgado,
community services program
director with Community
Action Partnership. Delgado
asked for appropriate action concerning recognizing
May as Community Action
Month. Judge Hurley read the
Proclamation. Request was

gra•nted.Barbara Westbrook,
Atascosa County Historical
Commission chairman,
requested appropriate
action concerning appointment of Arthur Troell to the
Atascosa County Historical
Commission Board. Request
wa•s approved.Judge Kyle D.
Bradley, Justice of the Peace,
Pct. 2, requested appropriate
action concerning payment
of invoice from EdocTec for
Annual Maintenance Fee in
the amount of $3,000.00 from
the Justice Court Technology
Fu•nd. Request was granted.Stuart Knowlton,
Commissioners’ Court representative on the Atascosa
County Appraisal District
Board, gave a review of the
Board’s May 5 meeting.
During that meeting, it was
mentioned while asbestos containing materials are located within the building, in their current state, they do not pose a health risk to the inhabitants, per Texas Environmental Consulting’s Air Quality Report. But, it was mentioned that the Board

is still seeking a different
building for its relocation
due to various structural,
plumbing and other problems
at its present location. Ken
Donoughue, of Donoughue
& Associates, also addressed Commissioners’
Court regarding his review
of various buildings the
Atascosa County Appraisal
District could relocate to.
Re•port was accepted.Loretta Holley,
Atascosa County Tax
Assessor-Collector, requested
appropriate action concerning
purchasing of 2 counterfeit
bill detection machines from
Staples for a total amount of
$659.98 out of Capital Outlay,
unexpected account. Request
was approved.
Holley then requested appropriate action concerning

employment of Patricia Ellen
Taylor as a Deputy TAC
Clerk with a Tier 1 salary of
$34,675.20 annually (20 years
experience), beginning June 1,
20•16. Request was granted.The office of Rene
Peña, District Attorney,
requested appropriate
action concerning longevity pay increase of $20.00/
month ($240.00 yearly) for
existing employee, Christina
Hartmann, beginning May 23,
2016. Request was approved.
The office of D. A. Peña
then requested appropriate
action concerning the lateral
transfer to a vacant budgeted
position for Ass’t. D.A.
Carrie Moy, with a salary of
$81,693.00 annually beginning May 23, 2016. Request
wa•s granted.David Soward,
Atascosa County Sheriff,
requested appropriate action
concerning hiring of Kayli
Garcia, as a Temporary
Employee at the pay rate
of $10.00/hourly, 29 hours
weekly or less, beginning
May 24, 2016. Request was
ap•proved.Comm. Lonnie
Gillespie, Pct. 1, requested
appropriate action concerning granting an exemption
from Section 262.023 of
the Local Govt. Code that
requires bidding on contracts exceeding $50.000.00,

allowing an exemption by
court order of the $50,000.00
contract amount for contractors for personal or
professional services. The
$50,000.00 exemption allows
for architectural services to
be provided by Donoughue &
Associates for various county
construction and remodeling projects. Request was
gra•nted.Comm. Freddie
Ogden, Pct. 3, requested
appropriate action concerning personnel. He requested
employment of Larry May,
as a Precinct 3 Worker at the
Tier 1 pay rate of $37,170.00
annually beginning May 23,
2016. Request was approved.
Comm. Ogden then requested appropriate action
concerning recognition of
completion of 90-day waiting period by Juan Garza,
Precinct 3 Worker with a Tier
1 salary of $37,170.00 annually beginning May 23, 2016.
Re•quest was granted.Judge Bob Hurley
requested appropriate action concerning selection
of a candidate who will fill
the Indigent Health Care
Coordinator’s position
upon Ms. Hesters’ retirement. Further information
will be made at the next
Regular Meeting of the
Commissioners’ Court.
Judge Hurley then requested appropriate action
concerning development
of a Wellness Program for
Atascosa County employees.

Discussion followed regarding implementing the
program on a voluntary
basis. The costs for Wellness
Program for county employees would be paid out of the
County’s group medical pool.
Wellness Program sessions
would be done in privacy.
Request was granted.
Judge Hurley asked for
CapitalRe• Outlay Expenditure
quests.Sheriff Soward
requested appropriate action concerning purchase
of Portable car radios,
(3) #APX6500 mobile car
radios, (3) #APX6000 portable handheld radios and
accessories for the Animal
Control Facility at a cost of
$20,263.83 from Motorola
Solutions. Request was
Sheriff Soward then
requested appropriate action
on purchase of Emergency
Equipment for two vehicles
– Ford F150 trucks, in the
amount of $9,477.58 from
Caldwell Country, for use by
the Animal Control Facility.
Request was granted.
Judge Hurley asked for
bills to be paid.
Honorable Atascosa
County Judge Bob Hurley
mentioned to meeting attendees that the next Regular
Meeting of Commissioners’
Court would be on Monday,
June 13, 2016, beginning at
9:00 a.m.
Meeting was then

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