Commissioners Court approves private road ordinance during regular meeting

The Atascosa County Commissioners Court held their last regular meeting of the month Monday morning at the courthouse. All were present including Comissioner Mark Gillespie, Pct. 1; Commissioner Stuart Knowlton, Pct. 2; Commissioner Eliseo Perez, Pct. 3; Commissioner Kennard Riley, Pct. 4; and County Judge Bob Hurley.

Agenda items were discussed and voted on as follows:

• There was no COVID 19 update to report due to Atascosa County EMS Director Don Penny covering an ambulance shift. As of Oct. 27 at 5 p.m., Atascosa County has a total of 1,481 with seven active, 1,458 recovered and 16 deaths. Twenty-three are pending investigation with 1,247 confirmed positive and 211 probable.

• Don Penny was granted approval to hire two new employees: Evelyn Martinez as temporary part-time EMT Basic and Ramon Alfredo Espronceda as full-time Paramedic.

• Ray Baca gained approval of a proposed variance to Article IX, Section 9.3 of the Atascosa County Subdivision Ordinance to allow for 1/2-acre lots on septic and public water for the proposed 31-acre residential subdivision on FM 1784, Precinct 1, Atascosa County.

• Atascosa County Clerk Diane Gonzales presented the September 2020 Commissioners Court minutes. Minutes were approved.

• Gonzales also gained approval to enter into agreement between Atascosa County Clerk’s Office and Data Preservation Solutions (DPS) for the archival storage and maintenance of Microfilm at the cost of $4,410 per year. The request included authorization for Judge Hurley to sign the agreement. The agreement has been reviewed and approved by the County Attorney’s Office. This will be a recurring payment being paid through the Records Management funds.

• Sheriff David Soward was granted approval to move existing employee Jordin Drown to the position of Corrections Officer and hire new employee Selena Huerta as Corrections Officer.

• Sheriff David Soward was granted approval of an Inmate Housing Contract with Hays County.

• County Attorney Trent Rowell gained approval through a public hearing for the adoption of a private road ordinance under Texas Transportation Code Section 251.013 regarding requiring the registration, naming, addressing and installation of signs for all private roads providing vehicular access to two or more occupied lots not dedicated to public use, whether those lots are used for residential, commercial, business, industrial or religious purposes. No comments were made during public hearing.

• Commissioner Stuart Knowlton was granted approval for the purchase of one used smooth drum roller from Nueces Power Equipment in the amount of $44,528.36; $28,449.22 will come from Capital Outlay, fund #020-400-875 and $16,079.14 will come from R&B Materials fund #022-400-506.

• Commissioner Eliseo Perez gained approval to move the following existing employees to new positions in Precinct 3: Road Crew Employees Jesse Rodriguez, Jose Alberto Hernandez, Gabriel Rowland

Jr. and Arnulfo Guerrero and Crew Employee Ruben Ramos.

• Commissioner Kennard Riley was granted approval to issue NexGen Water Solutions, LLC a Temporary Waterline Right of Way permit for 4.5 miles of 12” layflat at CR 407. Check #145 has been given to the Atascosa County Treasurer’s Office.

• County Judge Bob Hurley gained approval for the 2021 Calendar for Atascosa County Commissioners Court, 2021 Holiday List (days) and the Terms of the Court.

• County Judge Bob Hurley gained approval for the reading of the proclamation declaring October 2020 as Czech Heritage Month in the SPJST.

• Commissioners Court convened in Executive Session at 9:29 a.m. to consult with an attorney according to Texas Government Code Section 551.072 to deliberate the purchase, exchange, lease or value of real property.

• Commissioners Court reconvened in regular session at 10:11 a.m. Action concerning purchase of property was approved.

• Judge Bob Hurley and County Auditor Tracy Barrera gained approval for budget line item adjustments and/or amendments for the following:

• 2020-Road and Bridge- Pct. 4, $20,000 in funds moved from 024-400-601, Machine & Other Repairs to 024-400-612, Construction Contract

• 2020-District Attorney, $16,818.70 in funds moved from 047-400-638, Travel Expense & Car Insurance to 047-400-406, Salary ($11,985), 047-400- 491, Retirement ($916.85), 047-400-492, Insurance- Hospital, (43,000), and 047-400-493, Social Security ($916.85),

• 2020-Adult-CJAD, $6,045 in funds moved from 070-400-695, Unbudgeted Carryover to 070-400-637, Telephone ($4,620), 070-400-707, Capital Outlay, ($1,425)

• 2021-Judicial Expense, $2,362.56 in funds moved from 012-468-636, Contingency Fund to 012-434-831, Salary, Court Reporters ($2,049.06), 012-434-491, Retirement ($156.75), 012- 434-493, Social Security ($156.75)

• Judge Hurley and Auditor Barrera gained approval to accept invoices and payroll. There was no payroll look over this week.

• There were no reports submitted and no action taken.

• Meeting adjourned at 10:15 a.m.

The next regular Commissioners Court Meeting is set for Monday, Nov. 9 at 9 a.m. at the County Courthouse. A Special Called Commissioners Court to canvass votes from the Nov. 3 Election will be held on Nov. 16.

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