Commissioners approve two reassignments

Meeting: Special Called Meeting, Monday, April 15, 2019, 9:00 a.m.


 Approved action concerning paying of invoice to Texas Association of Counties for preparing and sending 1095 statements. County Invoice, $1,483.25, CSCD Invoice, $127.50, total: $1,610,75. Net Data is reimbursing this amount to the county.

 Judge Hurley requested appropriate action concerning personnel: Existing employee Donald Penny to position of Interim EMS Director beginning April 8, 2019: Existing employee Robbie Denson to position of Court Coordinator beginning May 1, 2019. Appropriate actions were approved.

 County Auditor Tracy Barrera and Comm. Stuart Knowlton, Pct. 2, asked for and were granted approval of appropriate action concerning Atascosa County applying for the Texas Dyed Diesel Fuel End User permit and allowing Judge Bob Hurley to sign application AP-197 and County Auditor Tracy Barrera to submit application.

 County Auditor Tracy Barrera requested and was granted approval on action concerning 2019 budget line item amendments for CO-3 Fund, moving funds from New Jail Addition 002-400-705 in the amount of $463,147.71 to the following, Courthouse Annex 0002-400-701.

 County Commissioners reviewed all invoices and granted approval of payment of invoices.

 Special Called Meeting was adjourned.

Atascosa County Judge Bob Hurley; Comm. Mark Gillespie, Pct. 1; Comm. Stuart Knowlton, Pct.2; Comm. Eliseo Perez, Pct. 3; and Comm. Kennard Riley, Pct. 4, were present.

Reported by Leon Zabava, Pleasanton Express.

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