Commissioners approve preliminary design

T This design has similar features to the current courthouse.

T This design has similar features to the current courthouse.

The Atascosa County Commissioners Court has approved the preliminary design of a Courthouse Annex that will provide much needed additional space for courtrooms and offices. It will be constructed on a block northeast of the present Courthouse. Courtroom space is so limited that the county has had to enter into a rental agreement with the City of Jourdanton to rent its courtroom.

Atascosa County Auditor Ray Samson said, “The Annex will provide two new courtrooms and house the County Attorney and Adult Probation Offices along with the District Judge and District Court Coordinators. The present Courthouse and its courtrooms will continue to be used.

“The Annex will have the similar features to what the current courthouse has so the two buildings will complement each other. The Annex will have tall, narrow windows, white stone trim, the same entrance facade style, and brick that matches the current brick.

“Also incorporated in the new design is a separate secured entrance for prisoners and separate cell facilities for male and female prisoners.”

Plans include a second floor for future expansion that will be finished out as additional space is needed.

The Annex and surrounding parking will fill an entire block. Additional parking lot will be available on a separate block.

Atascosa County Judge Bob Hurley said, “The estimated size of the building will be 32,000 – 33,000 square feet. Commissioners plan to pay for the annex with funds presently on hand making it bond free. Preliminary cost projections are $250.00 per square foot. The County expects to have adequate cash reserves on hand after the project is completed.

“Design efforts are underway to tie the color and appearance of the Justice Annex to the Courthouse.”

Construction is expected to start in 2016.

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