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Cleo “Big Dad” Rogers was inducted into the South Texas Cowboy of Fame before the Pleasanton Young Farmer’ Rodeo on Friday, Aug. 17. He was nominated by his great granddaughter Jessica Land Stanush and granddaughters Cindy Halpin Mumm and Donna Burris Land.

Their nomination letter follows:

Our (Great) Grandmother, Bessie Mangum Rogers, nominated her Husband, our (Great) Grandfather, Cleo Rogers for the Cowboy of the Year in 1974.   “Big Dad” as he was known to us passed away in 1995 and “Granny” followed him in 1998.  It would be an extreme honor for our family to see his name and memory inducted into the South Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.  As you can read from the words  below, to us, there is not a Cowboy that “sits taller in the saddle” than he did.

We think he meets all the qualifications with flying colors.  Cleo Rogers was born on April 13, 1911, in the Poteet area, and lived his whole life there.  His character and dependability were top qualifications for this nomination, also  years of experience are almost as many as he is  old.  As a child and teenager, he worked with stock cattle and dairy cows. His love for cattle and good cow horses helped develop his future into being a part of his life forever.

In the late 1940’s and into the 1950’s, he helped work cattle several times a year with his brother in laws, Fred Hearn and Gervys Mangum, on their leased ranch land in Mc Mullen  and LaSalle Counties.  This would involve about 15 local cowboys doing this work that would last for days. 

In the mid 50’s and into the 60’s, he was involved in managing properties and cattle development in the Poteet area, for the Wallingford Property, which was the also the site of the Wallingford/ Poteet Country Club, and the Faggard Ranch which was located north of Poteet on Hwy 16, in 1957. He helped develop Dr. Faggard’s certified beefmaster herd, which at the time was a new breed in our area.  He also developed his own herd of beefmaster cattle and sold registered heifers and bulls, for a long time.  He was a active member of his community serving on the Poteet School Board, the Karnes Electric Cooperative board and the ASCS.

The family received a certificate and a bandanna with a handmade rawhide slide from Roy Alonzo, 2013 Cowboy of the Year.

The Family of Cleo Rogers accepted the Hall of Fame award at the Pleasanton Young Farmers Rodeo last Friday, Aug. 17, 2018. Left to right are: Carson Rogers(partially hidden) Sudie Halpin, Brett Rogers, Corky Halpin, Trey Rogers, Kristal Burris, Roy Rogers, Keith Burris, Trisha Rogers Copeland, Cindy Halpin Mumm,Zoe Rogers, Brad Mumm, Mark Rogers, Donna Burris Land with Laney Stanush, Jessica Land Stanush with Emma Stanush, Jay Burris, Blaine Burris, Sienna Burris, John Land, and Francis Stanush with Carolyn Stanush. He was nominated by his great granddaughter Jessica Land Stanush and granddaughters Cindy Halpin Mumm and Donna Burris Land. Photo by Tom Firme | Pleasanton Express

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