Civic Center, Library on schedule

The Pleasanton Civic Center and Library is expected to open this spring said Bruce Pearson, Pleasanton City Manager, which will be the completion of 17 years of planning, re-planning, budgeting, building and waiting.

Pearson said that 17 years ago, the city of Pleasanton began the process of building a new civic center, which originally was going to be built outside of town. They did not add the library onto the project until 7 years ago, when the Pleasanton Library began to have space issues. The City of Pleasanton continuously rehashed the budget for this project over the years as changes in the plan affected the overall cost of the project. Pearson says that in late 2008, the City of Pleasanton saw that downtown needed revitalization, which influenced their decision to build the civic center at its current location.

The Dowdy Western Wear Store and the Williams Hardware Store were purchased in June 2009. However, any momentum that the City of Pleasanton had gained on the undertaking was undermined by the sub-prime mortgage crises, and the subsequent shadow it cast over Pleasanton’s economy.

Around June of 2013, construction began in earnest on the Library and Civic Center. So far, according to Pearson, the electrical systems and the heating/ ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) systems have been installed and are functioning. As of this week, contractors are laying in carpet, hanging up cabinets and placing tile. Audio/Visual cabling is being installed, and Information Technology systems should be coming in around February 16. Phone line have been ordered, and the Pleasanton Fire Chief Chuck Garris has chosen the company that will monitor the fire alarms at the building. In addition to the library’s construction, the library’s books are getting upgraded: “RFID (radio frequency identification) tagging is going on as we speak.”

Pearson said that the Construction Manager At Risk, Bartlett-Cocke, and the architectural firm, RVK Architects were chosen by committees made up of knowledgeable citizens of Pleasanton. Pearson interviewed prospects for both committees and made his recommendation to Council based on whether or not the candidates had backgrounds in engineering, design, consulting, finance, real estate, law, construction or project management in addition to having a tangible connection to Pleasanton (such as living or doing business in Pleasanton). Pleasanton City Council formed the Architectural Review Committee on April 16, 2012: its members included Committee Chair Rudy Klein (tenured Civil Engineering Consultant for the City of Pleasanton with 30 + years of experience), Roger Wells, Bill Lamb, Ray Samsel, Deborah Herber, Atascosa County Commissioner Bill Carroll, Karen Villareal and Frank A. (“Butch”) Tudyk Jr. City Council formed the Construction Manager at Risk Committee on November 1, 2012, and it consisted of Committee Chair Rudy Klein, Roger Wells, Bill Lamb, John Metting, Keith Powell and Kenneth Zuschlag of RVK Architects.

The doors to the much anticipated building should be opened around the first of March, according to

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