City of Poteet to discuss employment of newly hired city administratorFree Access

During their city council meeting on Dec. 7, the City of Poteet will enter an executive session and discuss deliberation of employment, evaluation, reassignment of duties or dismissal of their city administrator. Mayor Denise Sanchez added the item to the agenda. Before hiring Kim Davis as their new City Administrator, the City of Poteet had gone months without a full-time city administrator. Davis was hired by council seven weeks ago.

According to City Council member Rick Flores, Mayor Sanchez removed his items from the agenda with approval from the city attorney. Mayor Sanchez indicated that she is exercising her authority to remove the items under Ordinance No. 12012014-01 that states the Mayor may limit the amount of items included on agendas and direct the City Administrator to hold a second regular or special meeting to consider additional items.

Flores’s agenda items included discussing the complaints filed against Denise Sanchez since July of 2021 and the violations of the council conduct and ethics policy by Mayor Denise Sanchez.
The city of Poteet urges citizens to attend this meeting in person, Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Poteet City Hall to express their approval or disapproval of the removal of newly hired City Administrator Kim Davis.

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