City of Pleasanton to crack down on fireworks

With the upcoming Fourth of July holiday next Wednesday, Pleasanton Fire Marshal Scott Garris announced that the City of Pleasanton will be enforcing the city’s fireworks fireworks are prohibited. It shall be unlawful for any person to sell, offer or have in his or her possession with intent to sell, use, discharge or cause to be discharged, any fireworks of any description.

The ordinance also states that fireworks are a public nuisance. The presence of any fireworks within the jurisdiction of the City of Pleasanton in violation of this section, is hereby declared to be a common and public nuisance. The Fire Marshal or any member of the Pleasanton Police Department is authorized to enter any building where the unlawful presence of fireworks is suspected in order to inspect the same for the presence of the fireworks.


Any person who shall keep, sell, offer for sale or have in his or her possession with intent to sell any fireworks shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and punished as per the provisions of this code.

Fines are up to $500 for a Class C Misdemeanor.

Also, any person who shall use, discharge, cause to be discharged or otherwise set in action any fireworks; or any parent or guardian of any minor child below the age of 14 who permits or allows that minor child to use, discharge, fire or otherwise set in action any fireworks shall be subject to the penalty provisions of this code.

This section applies to and is in force throughout the territory of the City of Pleasanton within its corporate limits. This section shall also be applicable and in force within the area immediately adjacent and contiguous to the city limits of the City of Pleasanton and extending for a distance outside the city limits for a total of 5,000 ft. and it shall be unlawful to do or perform any action in violation of this section within that area of 5,000 ft. outside the city limits.

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