City of Pleasanton plans for street improvements

The Street Department has undertaken numerous rehabilitative and new construction projects this past year, stated City Manager Bruce Pearson at the June 12 Pleasanton budget workshop. The construction of a new Park Road involved 4 1/2 months of preparation before the finished coats were applied.

City staff is currently surveying Park and East Adams Streets to determine the right-of-way, in prepraration for the paving of these unpaved streets.

“We are currently planning the paving of Jeff and Martin Streets before year’s end. The replacement of pavement on Maia will proceed after the installation of new water mains, fire hydrants and services,” said Pearson.

Any of these above named projects will be carried to the fiscal year 2013 if they are not completed. This next year will see the paving of Massad, Crestline and the remainder of the road at Veteran’s

Memorial Park, noted Pearson.

The city staff has been discussing Eurostar Drive. The city staff feels that after the completion of the construction of new industry on the lots that have been sold, considerations for the reconstruction of the road is warranted. In the meantime, the city staff will make every effort to keep potholes repaired and the road bladed for a level surface.

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