City of Pleasanton Customer Service WorkshopFree Access

The City of Pleasanton will hold a customer service workshop on February 7, 2019, at 11:30 a.m., at Pleasanton Civic Center. 

Lee Burden, Owner of WhyDewey Customer Service Training, will lead the workshop.   Lee is an experienced Customer Service Trainer and has worked in the restaurant and service industry throughout his professional career.  

Customer service is one of the leading factors in business growth in every industry in the United States.  Whether service based, manufacturing, or retail related businesses, customer service is the number one reason why customers return for products and services. 

“I am excited to put on this workshop with the City of Pleasanton and their Business & Economic Development Team,” says Lee Burden, Owner of WhyDewey Customer Service Training.  “My goal is to share the best practices of customer service and provide tips on how businesses can improve the level of customer service that they provide,” adds Burden.  

Workshop topics will include: appearance, attitude, intensity, manners, perception, productivity, professionalism, punctuality, sincerity, and teamwork. 

This workshop is free and open to all regional residents.  “People at every level of the workforce can benefit from this workshop and we encourage employers to send their employees to this customer service workshop,” says Janice Gonzalez, Owner & Founder, EMC Strategy Group.

Many businesses invest thousands of dollars and resources into professional development for its employees and the City of Pleasanton is providing this workshop at no cost to area businesses. 

This is the ninth business workshop held by the City of Pleasanton since contracting EMC Strategy Group.  The city has scheduled workshops through the end of 2019.  For more information and to register for this workshop, please contact or call 210.960.4340, ext. 102.  

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