City arching out to PISD to resolve construction fee issue

Last week, the Pleasanton Express wrote about the $236,356 that the City of Pleasanton has charged Pleasanton ISD in fees and permits, relating to new school construction and renovations.
Pleasanton Mayor Clint Powell was asked Tuesday by the Pleasanton Express if he wanted to share any key points he felt were not addressed in the story last week.
Mayor Powell began by emphasizing that he did not want to talk to the Pleasanton Express until the city first met with school officials, following last week’s story. However, they have not had that opportunity.
He said what was left out last week was that the city tried numerous times to sit with school consultants and they did not respond. There was no contact or communication early on, at the city’s invitation, said Powell.
“We attempted to contact the school to discuss their needs. This, in my opinion, should have been caught by the architect, or at least by the project manager.”
Another point Powell made was that the fee schedules were set before the school district’s $63 million project. He explained ordinances are in place so that they don’t have to look at each project case by case.
He added that the permit process involves many people. There are those that plan, review, do inspections, those that pull the permit, etc. The fees are there for a reason. Fees were not something done to be malicious. Also, the school construction project is unlike any other project in its magnitude.
He expressed that he felt the city is getting the heat and being blamed for a PISD project.
Powell also said that yes, while the city is involved in the project, the city is not responsible for the financial burden of the school. 
“We will evaluate these fees in the near future. The city is reaching out to the school to resolve this.”


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