Christmas time calls for reflection

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Each year around this time causes me and others to reflect. The last 12 months we may contemplate what has transpired with our loved ones, our lives and our jobs.

Perhaps traditions will have to change this year due to loss of family members through natural or forced causes.

This year, Christmas will be different for me once again – but in a good way. While I will still miss my parents and grandparents who made our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so much fun, I am able to spend the season with my children, their spouses, some dear friends and a sweet man I met earlier this year. Once again, new traditions are being created.

Luckily, he is just about as much of a Christmas lover as I am. He never complained once about all the decor (inside and out), goodies being baked PLUS he even put up with my wanting us to wear Santa hats with light bulb necklaces as we drove around looking at lights the other night. (I know…right??) My family will all trek to the Riverwalk next week, eat too much and walk around admiring the beautiful displays, and hopefully, ride the barges. That is something we started a few years ago and it is one that we look forward to all year.

I’m reminded on a daily basis that spending time with my family and friends is really a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.

The way I see it, we should all try to carve out some time to actually enjoy this holiday season… and not dread it. Don’t worry about a perfectly kept house – your family doesn’t mind. Forgot a favorite dish? No one will really miss it. Relax. Enjoy. Repeat.

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