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You meet people along your way in life that just make it a little brighter. Christi Rankin was that person. She was a natural born leader—bright, brainy, dynamic, easy to be around and fun. She was a magnificent mother who raised three strong and vibrant young women. She and her husband, Allen, were college sweethearts who recently happily celebrated 28 years of marriage.

I first met Christi when she was in her role as “Livestock Show Mom”. She had such a presence and a kilowatt smile that pulled you into her orbit. She was so approachable and open. She laughed easily and often.

Christi was a pharmacist by profession. Many of you probably met her when she was the H-E-B pharmacist in Pleasanton. She was the mayor of Charlotte, too. I could see why after her daughters were out of school that she easily won the position of mayor. During her tenure, she had many accomplishments including helping to renovate and open a new Charlotte Public Library and helping to get Charlotte a police department.

She shined in all she did but nowhere brighter than when she was out supporting her girls especially in the livestock show universe.

On Monday, my breath halted for a moment when I was taking photos at the Atascosa County Show Barn and looked into the bleachers to see Allen Rankin and his daughter, Hunter, in the stands. It is a true testament to how solid this family is that they have the wherewithal during this most tragic of times to come to a public place where so many of their memories were made. They came to this safe space where they were met with love, kindness and comfort amongst familiar faces. The bonds of family are made ever so much tighter when you live a life with stock show kids. You bond with your children because of how much time you spend together in the act of caring for and showing an animal. You bond, too, with the other livestock show parents and their kids. Showing is truly a family affair.

I loved to watch Christi’s daughter, Hunter Rankin, show. I try to never be partial behind the camera covering an event, but my camera always seemed to gravitate toward her. She got that from her mother. Christi easily allowed people to gravitate to her.

The loss of Christi in this community is huge. I will miss her as will so many others who she made feel a part of her universe.

The unexpected deaths this community has felt since 2020 keep coming. There is nothing good about it. For me, I have never in my life appreciated the simple act of loving and being with my family as much as I do these days. These deaths have made priorities in my life rock solid. I choose to love more deeply. To be afraid less. To say no to things that don’t serve me. To say yes to those things that make those I love and myself happy. Life is short is a statement that resonates with me daily.

My love, prayers and deep heartfelt condolences go out to the Rankin family, the community of Charlotte and to the livestock show family Christi so loved and that loved her back. You will be deeply and dearly missed.

NOEL WILKERSON HOLMES is the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Pleasanton Express. You may reach her at

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  1. RS says:

    Beautiful job on your bright light story!

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