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The photos from the Children Matter Daddy Daughter

Dance held last Friday are heartwarming and adorable. This is the second year the Daddy Daughter Dance was held, and they tripled their sponsorship. The dance was created to increase awareness about and help to benefit local nonprofit Children Matter – Family Life Center.

When you look at photos from the dance you see a beautiful connection between and a daddy and his little girl. See page 14A. A happy, healthy family relationship is the foundation to a happy and healthy life. Unfortunately, sometimes families become unhealthy and the ones who suffer the most are the children.

In the State of Texas, there are more than 30,000 children who have been removed from their homes by TXDFPS (Texas Department of Family and Protective Services). Some of these children permanently stay in the foster care system. It is heartbreaking.

Children Matter was founded by Cynthia and Kenny McGee. Having been a longtime resident of Texas it was Cynthia’s desire to help the overburdened child welfare system of Texas. The house that serves as the Children Matter Family Life Center on the corner of Goodwin and Bryant is familiar to anyone who lives here, but their story is somewhat new. The Children Matter Family Life house serves as a visitation center that hosts visits for local families in the foster care system. Children Matter is dedicated to helping reunify families and is committed to protecting children, rebuilding families and empowering caregivers.

Dads and daughters had a blast dancing during the Daddy Daughter Dance on Friday.

Dads and daughters had a blast dancing during the Daddy Daughter Dance on Friday.

Recently, because of the work of Children Matter, a mother earned the privilege of a supported visit to an approved location regaining some earned baby steps back towards normalcy for her and her boys. The family was able to go get a favorite fast-food snack together then share it and a fun time in the beautiful Pleasanton River Park. Such simple pleasures become a treasure to families whose world was rocked by being separated from their home and entering the foster care system.

McGee told the Pleasanton Express, “The only life these children have ever known is now turned upside down and suddenly, they are surrounded by a group of strangers. Strangers who have been appointed by a justice system established to protect them and ensure they are returned to the safest permanent home possible. Whether it is back with their parents, a member of their biological family or with an adoptive family, the path to home will prove a rough ride in the heart and mind of a little child.”

I am so impressed with how Children Matter is showing up in our community and filling real needs that will have a lasting impact on the lives of children and families. The Pleasanton Express will be focusing our attention on Children Matter in upcoming print and digital stories and on our social media platforms. “It is crucial that when our children look into our eyes, regardless of the circumstances bearing down on them, what they see is somebody believes in them.” – Unknown

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