Chief Priest’s Weekly Update

We had a few interesting thefts this past week.  On two occasions an individual entered Valero and took some food and just headed out without paying, Five Points Market (the old Pico Store) reported a similar incident where a customer took off with three fountain drinks and some pastries. That’s not a common call and to have three in one week makes it rather interesting.  H.E.B. Plus reported three thefts, on two incidents the thieves were foiled and didn’t escape with their  loot of briskets and diapers. One did make off with two cans of Raid.  So people will steal anything, bug killer included.  To add insult to injury somewhere a spider is being killed with stolen spray.  Subway reported an alleged theft where a small amount of cash left in the register was taken, most likely by a now former employee. The most serious theft occurred on Wednesday Oct. 12 where a suspect cut a chain and loaded up a fairly new Troy Bilt riding mower from a residence on Rodeo St.  The resident saw the vehicle and described it as a brown 2008 model 4 door Ford P/U.  The mower was valued at $1,200.

    Well last week we had the report of the stolen trash, this week a Wisdom Rd. resident reported that her trash can had been “run over” the last three times she set it out.  I certainly hope that we aren’t becoming the epicenter of some trash related crime spree. 

    Mark your calendars folks! The 4th Annual Lytle Public Library History Fair is scheduled for Saturday November 5th from 10 AM – 4 PM.  This is a super cool event with lots of neat history stuff which includes displays of antique firearms, handmade gifts for sale and good food! The cannon will also be here this year too so if you hear a few loud booms don’t worry we aren’t being invaded by Canada, it’s just the history fair at the Library.  Contact the library for more information on all the activities. 

    While I don’t want to enter into the national political fray I must comment on one aspect, the lack of Presidential candidate signs in Lytle. Regardless of whom one supports I can’t help but notice that if I had a dollar for every Trump or Clinton sign posted in our city I wouldn’t even be able to buy lunch.  I’m not complaining, those political signs can get annoying.  Furthermore, I doubt if either candidate has any plans to appoint me to a high level government position.  I don’t think I could handle DC on a daily basis, you pretty much have to eat lunch at a cafeteria or a food truck everyday and that would drive me nuts. 



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