Chief Priest’s Weekly Update

It was a whopper of a “felony arrests & recover stolen vehicles” week. In all we had six adult arrests for a total of four felony charges, one misdemeanor charge, and the serving of five felony and two misdemeanor warrants.  These arrests also included the recovery of three stolen vehicles; one motorcycle and two pickup trucks.  All three were recovered thanks to some good tips.  The motorcycle had the wrong plates on it and the identifying numbers were ground off, so you couldn’t read them.  S.A.P.D. helped us get it identified as one that was stolen in San Antonio; it was “like new”.  The crook driving the pickup we recovered at Whataburger was rather talented. He took black electrical tape and changed a few of the letters on the front and back plates. It was a real nice job; if I owned a sign shop I would hire him.  The fellow driving the second stolen pickup, which was recovered at H.E.B. Plus, didn’t have anything altered, he just left the regular plates on. He would be kind of like the little piggy that built a house out of straw. I guess he figured what the heck “I will just take my chances”. The stolen vehicles accounted for four arrests, the other two arrests included a driving while license suspended charge and to close out the week a young man opted to lead an officer on a short chase. He was booked on a felony evading arrest w/a motor vehicle charge.  I think Lt. Dear deserves a shout out for a job well done; he was the lead officer on the vehicle recoveries / arrests and the evading w/a motor vehicle.  That’s 4 felony arrests this past week for him!  I guess it is to be expected since he is my protégé after all. 

On the property crime side we had a burglary of a habitation on CR 6842, it occurred sometime during the day on Wednesday Feb. 16.  A television and 2 game systems were taken.  All the other property crime activity took place at Machinery Auctioneers on I.H.-35 (The old Long & Assoc. / ARK-LA-TEX location).  On three occasions some unknown thieves cut the fence and attempted to take items off of vehicles parked there.  On one attempt they removed lug nuts off of several truck tractors; the plan was to take the aluminum wheels.  I must admit these crooks were really going to earn their money; just taking those lug nuts off would have worn me out.   Right or wrong it sure brings me peace and pleasure knowing that some crooks went through all that work and left empty handed. 

On the brighter side we assisted three people who locked their keys in their cars this week, it not much but it will have to do. 



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