Chief Priest’s Weekly Update

It was a week of nice weather and limited crime.  We only had two arrests last week and both were for felony charges for evading arrest with a motor vehicle.  Ofc. David Lopez was the officer on both stops.  As far as reported thefts (other than stealing trash, does that count?)  or burglaries we had “zero”. Wow, that doesn’t happen too often.  

The most excitement was escorting two different groups of trail riders through town, it wasn’t cold and it wasn’t raining so it wasn’t that bad. The call of the week had to be the sighting of a mountain lion.  One was spotted crossing the road on Railroad St. (Old Pearsall Rd) near the Atascosa Co. / Bexar Co. line.  The complainant pointed in the direction of where it was headed so I took off in the other direction.  I did contact a Game Warden to let them know. My experience with wild animals is mostly limited to watching Wild Kingdom when I was a kid.  The only reason I watched that was because nothing else was on TV. 

Several Lake Shore residents reported that somebody took bags of trash that were set out for garbage collection. Of course our concern here is that someone is attempting to gain personal information for evil purposes. So it is a good time to remind everyone to be careful in regards to what they throw away.  Invest in a little shredder and take a little time to make sure that what you are throwing away can’t be used for fraud.  While many people now use the internet for banking and bill paying, there are still a lot of people who use checks and get all their bills in the mail.  A few years ago somebody took a bag of my trash but I figured they were just looking for Richey Priest memorabilia to sell on EBay.


Richey Priest is the Chief of the Lytle Police Department. You may E-mail him at


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