Chief Priest’s Weekly Update

The last week has been “event filled” to say the least.  The Atascosa Co. Sheriff’s Office located our suspect vehicle from the gun theft at H.E.B. that occurred on Jan. 21st.  They attempted to stop it and it fled.  The driver ditched the vehicle and he was later found hiding in an attic.  Lt. Dear and Sgt. Hanson assisted, and it was determined the vehicle was stolen and the driver had outstanding felony warrants.  Unfortunately we had no luck on recovering the firearms.  The reality is that stolen firearms are usually sold or traded quickly for drugs.  On Jan 21st, Cpl. Robison and I took a report of a sexual assault of a child, possibly the most mentally challenging type of criminal cases. It can be very difficult to remain focused and not let your emotions take over. I’m relieved to say that the suspect has been arrested.  Special thanks to Lt. Dear, Sgt. Hanson and Sgt. Montgomery for all their hard work. 

Other arrests for the week included a DWI (Second offense) and we served a felony theft warrant on a suspect that was stopped for a traffic violation.  Moving on to property crimes we had an attempted theft at H.E.B.  You know the story, they fill up a basket full of high dollar items and then they realize that someone is “on to them” they say “Oh, I forgot my money, I’ll be right back”.  Well they never come back.  A tourist visiting Lytle reported that their wallet was missing from their room at the Days Inn. Ofc. David Lopez took a report of a theft of a motor vehicle from Diaz St. on Saturday night. The vehicle, a white 2004 GMC Sierra was last seen at 9 PM.  Interestingly the person who took the vehicle removed a ladder and tools from the bed of the truck before taking off.  They placed the items in another truck parked at the residence.  For the grand finale Hometown Depot Express reported a theft of cigarillos and a 20 oz. Sprite for a total loss of $3.01.  The suspects are two young males.  Most likely one is a smoker and the other a Sprite drinker.

I took off a couple days and took the family to Houston and I missed out on the big Sonic fire, more importantly I missed a TV opportunity.  Luckily Sgt. Montgomery was available to do an interview on KSAT and while it wasn’t up to my level it was decent.  On Thursday we stopped by the Galleria Mall in Houston to do some shopping at Neiman Marcus (well not really, we went to the Lego Store).  We left about 3:00 PM and I found out later that night that there was a shooting in the parking lot 30 minutes after we left.   That could have been an opportunity to get on the TV in Houston but I’m glad I missed that one.  For the rest of the trip I carried extra ammo, just in case.  I guess it’s no wonder people do so much shopping online, when I was growing up the only thing that I worried about in the malls were long lines in the food court. 




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