Chief Priest’s Weekly Report

Greetings from Lytle PD,

The weekly police blotter has been posted to our website, you can find it at  Feel free to call me (830-709-0277) or email me ( with any questions you may have.

Our call volume was up last week, after three really low weeks. Officers responded to 63 calls for service. Cpl. Robison was the primary officer on 27 of those calls, he was a busy fellow. Officers conducted 35 traffic stops.  Of those traffic stops, 20 resulted in citations and 15 were either verbal or written warnings.

Criminal activity was hit and miss, all small thefts. The official police term we use is “bunch of little stuff.” Our first theft was on Wednesday Nov. 13.  While the construction crew at Burger King was finishing up the project, some crooks pulled in and took an air compressor and hand tools. I guess they figured the place was open and when they found out that wasn’t the case, maybe they got mad and decided they weren’t leaving empty handed. Later that same day, officers were dispatched to the Animal Control Facility on FM 2790 N. for a theft. Wireless headphones and a charger were missing.  Officers (Cpl. Robison and Sgt. Hanson) initiated an investigation. They didn’t recover the property, but they did arrest one guy on a felony warrant out of Uvalde Co. and cite and release another for possession of drug paraphernalia. On Friday Nov. 15, Capt. Reyes took a report of a theft of service. Somebody skipped out of the Days Inn without paying for their room, well at least they left the TV and towels. On Sunday Nov. 17 at 2:30 a.m., officers responded to the H-E-B C-Store for a report of a theft. Two juveniles took a couple of items and fled on foot….Ofc. Lopez located them. They were released to their parents and charges are pending. Later that day at 6:45 p.m. Cpl. Robison and Ofc. Lopez responded to the H.E.B. Plus for a theft. Wireless headphones were taken, the thieves departed prior to the arrival of the officers.

Don’t forget to make plans to attend our annual hayride. It will be Saturday, Nov. 30. This year, a holiday market is being added to spice up the event. The hayride starts around 6 p.m., but the holiday market will open up at 3 p.m. inside the community center.

Lt. Dear and I spent most of last week in Pasadena, TX. We were attending an annual fire marshal conference. We even let Roger Garcia, the Atascosa Co. Fire Marshal, hitch a ride with us. There were about 250 attendees and this was their 9th annual conference. We have attended eight of them. We took a variety of classes. Two of the more interesting included fire code changes in regard to school shootings and insurance fraud. As a bonus, I bought a few raffle tickets (proceeds going to Shriners Children’s Hospital in Galveston, so how could I resist) and I happened to win the big prize of a Ruger .223 Rifle. I guess it was about time I win something with all the tickets I buy supporting various things. Like I really needed another rifle. What I needed was to win a treadmill. When is the last time somebody raffled off a treadmill as the grand prize?

Burger King is open! Our “Fast Food Row” has a new addition. It’s a real nice joint, with all that high tech stuff – you know like the soda machine with about 1,000 options (if you can figure it out). On my first trip, I ordered a large Dr. Pepper and three tacos (a buck each on the value menu).


RICHEY PRIEST is the Chief of Police in Lytle.

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