Chief Priest’s Weekly Update

Welcome to our weekly update, if we were writing for a police TV show we wouldn’t have enough material to fill the full hour. No wild crimes, just some good old fashioned small town law enforcement activity.  We arrested four people, two on felony narcotics charges, one an Atascosa Co. warrant and one fellow was found passed out behind H.E.B. and was arrested for public intoxication.  The narcotics arrests occurred at John Lott Park, the suspects were in their vehicle.  Sgt. Montgomery conducted the investigation and located “meth”.  Our city parks are places for kids and families; we will do everything within our power to keep drugs and other illegal activity out. 
    For being so close to Christmas our property crimes were not really that exciting this week.  A complainant reported that $100 worth of clothing and important documents were taken from the bed of his truck while parked at H.E.B., he reported the theft occurred in October.  H.E.B. reported a couple thefts last week too. On one occasion a couple “took a liking” to a charbroil grill and decided to load it into the back of their pickup and just take off.  The grill was valued at $198.  They also reported that an elderly female stole about $100 worth of beer and wine, so if you hear that somebody’s granny threw a wild party you may want to give us a call. 


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