Chief Priest’s Weekly Report



Greetings from Lytle PD, We’ve got a short report this week; not much criminal activity was reported. Officers took care of 59 calls for service, we took one fellow to jail and had three property crimes.

Texas Western Wearhouse reported a window was damaged by a pellet gun and O’Reilly’s Auto Parts reported a masked man walked out of the store with about $75 worth of product. A customer at H-E-B Plus reported her cell phone was lost or stolen. I could provide a much better weekly report if I was allowed to make stuff up.

Our only arrest occurred on S. Benton Street It was around midnight on Saturday. A male walked into an unlocked and occupied residence. He was arrested for criminal trespass of a habitation. Capt. Reyes made the call and booked him into the Atascosa Co. Jail. The occupants were not injured, they were shook up though. He had known the prior occupants, but knew they didn’t live there anymore. It’s a good reminder to keep your doors locked, better safe than sorry.

When I returned from my days off, Lt. Dear had acquired a large amount of disposable mask. They made it to us by way of the Atascosa Co. Fire Marshal/ Emergency Management Department. I figured out a plan where we (actually just Cpl. Robison) would distribute mask to all our businesses. I wanted to get them on the streets, they don’t do any good in storage. I kept his vehicle loaded with boxes of mask and he started making the rounds. After three days he had personally delivered masks to 129 locations. I lost count of the number of mask, it was in the neighborhood of 10,000. When he retires he will be able to honestly say, “I gave out a lot more masks in my career than tickets”.

Cpl. Robison sure was glad when he had all the locations crossed off his list. It just made my wheels start turning. I had Ofc. D. Lopez start bagging up some of our freebies, like cups and frisbees. I appointed Robison our mobile National Night Out guy and sent him out on Saturday in search of kiddos. By the end of our shift he had handed out about 50 frisbees and 75 cups. He stopped at three parties for kids he found along the way. He was pretty popular, we may have to start renting him out for parties.

Holler if you need some masks.

RICHEY PRIEST is the Lytle Chief of Police. You may reach him at richard.

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