Chief Priest’s Weekly Report



Greetings from Lytle PD, Another slow week. It was hot, but at least we had a little rain. Officers handled 56 calls for service.

Only one property crime was reported. The folks at Dollar General reported a man wearing a mask made off with a case of beer. At least he was wearing a mask. Once he headed out, he was aggressively practicing social distancing, trying to get as far away from everybody as possible.

Other activity included two people being cited and released for possession of drug paraphernalia. One was a suspicious vehicle contact and the other was a traffic stop for a “speeder.”

Sgt. Hanson was working night shift patrol when he located an occupied pickup “blacked out” behind Quicksilver Automotive. He made contact and determined the vehicle was stolen out of Austin. He made an arrest and recovered the pickup. That’s just plain old good police work. Great job, Sgt. Hanson! That truck thief was up to no good, looking for another target, no doubt. Here is some big news: the new US Post Office in Natalia will open this weekend. For the past two years, Natalia residents have been making the drive to Lytle to pick up their mail. I’ll miss seeing some of our neighbors from the south on a regular basis. Some were old friends and many were old customers from my restaurant days. There were only a few people I tried to avoid, mostly because they can out talk me. So the parking lot will seem a bit more empty and the lobby will be less crowded … wow I should write a poem. I was actually in a pursuit last week. A jeep took off on me. It was reported stolen out of Wilson Co. I lost it in the Twin Lakes subdivision. Dry, dusty roads made it impossible to see. Thankfully, it wasn’t high speed. My staff says I don’t even drive well at slow speeds. TXDPS Trooper Driggers located it a bit later and got it stopped on Highway 57.

I was off, but I drove by the food bank distribution at the Lytle Community Center. There was a very long line of cars. People helping people. We need more of that … action, not talk. I can’t complain. It doesn’t appear that our city has plans to defund the police department and we haven’t had any protests either. If you want to protest, be my guest … just wait ‘til it’s cooler.

RICHEY PRIEST is the Lytle Chief of Police. You may reach him at richard.

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