Chief Priest’s Weekly Report



Greetings from Lytle PD, No record-breaking stats to report here. Officers handled 55 calls for service.

Those property crimes were: locks were cut off a couple of mini storage units. We don’t know if anything was taken. An employee of McDonald’s reported that someone entered the dining room and took her purse. She had left it on a table by the door. A Bruce Street resident reported the theft of a cellphone. Officers also recovered a 2009 Subaru that had been stolen in San Antonio. The big crime was a burglary of a building during the early morning hours of July 7. I got a text about 5 a.m. from the owner of Diamond S Portable Buildings on the IH-35 access road. He stated someone was inside his office and he sent me pictures. I called Cpt. Reyes and he headed that way. He, along with ACSO Deputy Luis Diaz, was able to take the suspect into custody. Well, it wasn’t that easy; the fellow ran from them and when they caught him he resisted a good bit. But, it all ended well and nobody got hurt. It was a special arrest for Cpt. Reyes. It was his 22nd anniversary as a full-time officer with Lytle PD. What a wonderful way to spend your anniversary!

The family and I slipped away last Wednesday to celebrate my wife’s birthday. We took a day trip to Lost Maples State Natural Area in Vanderpool. There is no cell coverage up there, so I was kind of freaked out because I constantly check my phone and email. I guess I think I am a lot more important than I am. There were a couple of hills that I bet had cell reception if I could get to the top, but if I made it up there the only call I would be making was 911.

If you are a City of Lytle garbage customer, big changes are headed your way. We will be going to once a week pickup, and they will be giving us one container to put all of your trash in. There will be an option for recycling as well. I think it will be a couple of times a week at a designated location. You certainly don’t want to depend on what I say because I have been wrong before. You might be thinking “Recycling in Lytle?” What’s next, a Starbucks or maybe some high-end lofts downtown?

RICHEY PRIEST is the Lytle Chief of Police. You may reach him at richard.

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