Chief Priest’s Weekly Report

Greetings from Lytle PD, A Main St. resident reported that his handgun was missing/stolen. He believes a visitor to his residence took it. (I have had those kinds of friends before.) A complainant reported that their wallet was taken by an unknown person at the Lytle Washateria. The theft was captured on video.

The event of the week (our little one-man mini crime spree): Ofc. Peña responded to Lytle-Somerset St. for an attempted breakin, the suspect was detained, but the residents declined to file charges. A couple of hours later Cpl. Robison and I were dispatched to Days Inn for an assault. The same fellow from earlier had assaulted the clerk for no apparent reason. He was detained and decided he would try to kick out the back door of our police vehicle while being taken to jail. He did a good bit of damage, so we also charged him with criminal mischief. To add to the mess, he had several cell phones with him when we arrested him. We determined they were taken from a vehicle at the Days Inn. So a vehicle burglary charge is pending as well. Back in the “good old days” (before COVID-19), the city would host a big fireworks show at John Lott Park. We would have a couple of thousand people show up. It usually keeps our staff busy for the evening. This year, fireworks in town were way above what we normally see, at least it seemed that way to me. I guess the lack of a fireworks show and the fact that a lot of people have been “cooped up” for a while led to the increase. From the enforcement side, it was tough. Interestingly, we only received four calls from dispatch regarding fireworks, no emails, no phone messages and nothing from our text tip line. We did have a very small grass fire behind Texas Western Warehouse, most likely caused by fireworks.

I took a day trip last week to Rockport and visited Rockport Beach. I had never been to Rockport. It was a nice drive and I saw some places I had never seen. We took the kids to the beach for a couple of hours. We packed in all our food so we only stopped for a couple of restroom breaks. The beach was not crowded at all, so social distancing wasn’t a problem. My beach experiences are fairly limited, which is odd because I am often told I have a “beach body.” As a kid we would visit Galveston. My grandparents would load my brother and me up and take the drive down IH-45 from Southeast Dallas.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, we had been working closely with Atascosa County Emergency Management Coordinator David Prasifka. His untimely passing was truly a tragedy. The last time I saw him in person was when he was looking for a spot for a COVID-19 test site in Lytle. I made up some wild story to try to irritate him and before I could finish, he dished out some trash talk right back at me. We both had a good laugh and went on our way.

RICHEY PRIEST is the Lytle Chief of Police. You may reach him at richard.

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