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Greetings from Lytle PD, The weekly police blotter has been posted to our website. You can find it at Feel free to call me (830-709-0277) or email me (richard. with any questions you may have.

This week we saw our calls for service jump to 63; we had a good bit of police activity. Here you go …

We had three property crime events on Monday April 27: the Ford F250 taken from Lytle ISD on April 14 was recovered in San Antonio. We were told it was in drivable condition. Dollar General reported a shoplifter left the store with a basket of unknown items. This was not the same guy from the week before. H-E-B Plus reported that a person took off with four Italian Cypress plants valued at $120. Tuesday, April 28, was busy as well. A complainant reported that his mini-storage unit was broken into. A John Deere zero-turn mower, Stihl weed eater and a Husqvarna blower were taken. Two unlucky crooks decided to take a Ninja Mixer (valued at $200) from H-E-B. They split up and headed back to their motel room. It was shift change so we had four officers on duty (two getting off and two coming on) so both of them were located and arrested and the mixer was recovered. They were both passing through; they call Orlando, FL home. I can’t help but think that they might have been headed home for Mother’s Day and were picking up a gift for mom. Wednesday, April 29, only one crime was reported. A small unknown item was taken from a unit at the Lytle Mini Storage.

Thursday, April 30, a U-Haul truck was reported stolen from the dealership at Somerset and Adams St. It was believed the truck was taken on Monday. A traffic stop resulted in a couple of males being cited for possession of drug paraphernalia.

On Friday, May 1, things started early with a domestic disturbance that resulted in a vehicle pursuit. Lt. Dear pursued a suspect through town, the pursuit was terminated just north of the city. H-E-B Plus reported approximately $750 worth of plants and trees that were taken by a fellow in a pickup. Lt. Dear and Cpl. Robison headed to San Antonio and have identified a suspect. On a side note, I am not going to San Antonio to conduct follow-up investigations until all the places to eat have opened back up.

The Leader News is no more. Our local paper, based out of Castroville as Cornerstone Publications, has ceased operations. Tragically, the owner was killed in a vehicle accident several weeks ago. In the day of instant internet news, I know that newspapers are a tough business. It’s sad, though, because they are such a part of our history and hopefully will continue to be part of the future.

I was patrolling around last week and got an urge for one of those milkshakes from the H-E-B C-store. You know, the kind from the self-serve machine. Anyway, as I was waiting to pay for my shake, the fellow in front of me bought $5 worth of gas! Wow, I felt like I was back in high school. It’s been a long time since $5 worth of gas would get you anywhere. It brought back memories of getting $5 worth of gas and heading to San Antonio to pick up three Jack in the Box tacos for .99 and a big drink for .79, those were the days. Now I am not so old that I called a quarter two bits, that would be both of my grandfathers.

RICHEY PRIEST is the Lytle Chief of Police. You may reach him at richard.

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