Chief Priest’s Weekly Report



Greetings from Lytle PD, You can find the weekly police blotter at Feel free to call me (830- 709-0277) or email me ( with any questions you may have.

Get ready for a “not so exciting” police report. A look at the snap shot of numbers reveals officers handled 60 calls for service. We also conducted 76 traffic stops; those stops resulted in 48 drivers being issued citations and 28 given warnings. Are you digging this cool report yet?

We had only one arrest last week. Lt. Dear and Cpl. Robison stopped a guy for an expired vehicle registration. He had a warrant for a weapons offense out of Bexar Co. One thing is for sure, nobody is accusing us of causing jail overcrowding. Our property crimes were a little more interesting this past week, though they were rather small in substance (that’s cool with me). H-E-B Plus got hit twice last week. On Monday, some fellow fled the store with a “pack of meat” valued at $30. On Friday, another bandit struck and took off with a bunch of Tide laundry detergent. Crooks love laundry detergent. It’s easy to find buyers…most everybody washes their clothes. On Wednesday, officers took a report of a stolen surveillance camera from the Lytle Mini-Storage. Sadly, a tool meant to prevent crime became a victim. Also on Wednesday, a gas power washer was taken from the parking lot of our new Burger King. The joint was closed and the guy cleaning off the parking lot went inside for a quick break. A thief went through the drivethru and realized they were closed. I guess his hunger for a burger turned into a desire to steal a power washer. Luckily, a video camera was on-duty. Officers tracked down our crook the next morning and the power washer was recovered, a good ending to our story. To end out the week, a Main St. resident reported some vandalism to a vehicle.

I have finally recovered from working bicycle patrol last Monday. Ofc. David Lopez and I hit the streets. We had a blast. I would stop and talk to people in their yards as often as I could. One resident thanked me for stopping, and I told him that I was really just looking for a reason to stop peddling and take a break. I’m better at talking than peddling.

RICHEY PRIEST is the Chief of Police in Lytle.

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