Chief Priest’s Weekly Report



Greetings from Lytle PD, The weekly police blotter has been posted to our website, you can find it at Feel free to call me (830-709-0277) or email me ( with any questions you may have.

Here is your quick look at Lytle PD activity over the past week. Be glad you are able to read it. If you were to have to listen to me there would be nothing quick about it. We had a total of 57 service calls and conducted 62 traffic stops. Of those stops, 35 resulted in citations and the remaining 27 were warnings.

We didn’t take anyone to jail this past week. Lt. Dear did cite and release one fellow for possession of drug paraphernalia though. Ofc. Lopez captured two loose cows and put them up in the field behind the Best Western. I don’t think that qualifies as an arrest, but since it was a slow week I’ll try to slip that one in.

We had a few property crimes reported this past week. A parent reported their son’s iPhone X was taken while he was at work at Bill Miller’s BBQ. It is refreshing to hear that a young person put down their phone long enough for someone to take it. On Friday morning, Cpl. Robison took a report of a vehicle burglary next to Tri County Dialysis on IH-35. Approx. $19,000 worth of utility locators and a concrete saw was taken. The unknown suspected busted out a window to a Ford F250. Later that morning I took a report of a theft at the Days Inn Hotel. When the customer checked out they also cleaned out the room. The telephone, clock radio, bedspread, blow dryer, coffee maker, towels, etc. was all gone. They were nice enough to leave the pillows and the TV. Not sure what the market is for a land line telephone from the Days Inn is….not many people even have phone jacks anymore. Ofc. Pena took a report of some damaged mail boxes on Main St. at the entrance to Coalmine. To close out our property crimes for the week we took a report of a burglary of a mini storage unit at MC Self-Storage, various items were taken sometime between May 2019 and now. The crooks had cut the original lock and replaced it with their own after they helped themselves. So the unit appeared secure.

The most interesting call of the week…..about 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, Sgt. Hanson observed a fellow walking out of the bushes on the IH-35 access road near the creek (officially the West Prong Atascosa River). When questioned, he said he was setting a minnow trap in the creek. Sgt. Hanson, who I am sure figured the guy was trying to “pull one over on him,” had the fellow take him there, and sure enough, there was minnow trap with sliced up hotdogs in it. That’s a first for us. Do you need a fishing license for that? I’m not sure a Game Warden would want to be woken up for that call.

RICHEY PRIEST is the Chief of Police in Lytle.

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