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GHello from Lytle PD, The weekly police blotter has been posted to our website, you can find it at . Feel free to call me (830- 709-0277) or email me ( with any questions you may have.

Monday, March 11 was the regular monthly city council meeting at City Hall @ 6:30 PM.

Spring break is here! I live near the schools so a certain peace comes over me as I pull out onto FM 2790 N and I see all the empty parking lots. I could never work in a school, I could maybe handle the kids, the administrators, or the parents – but not all three for sure.

Officers responded to 52 service calls this past week and conducted 33 traffic stops. Those stops resulted in 13 citations and 20 warnings. Thankfully only two property crimes were reported and those both were on Sunday afternoon. The first one occurred at the Whataburger parking lot, an unknown person broke out a window and rifled through the console. Nothing was taken, including some change that was visible. Now get this – the door was left unlocked so breaking the window wasn’t even necessary. Some of the crooks that wander into town really amaze me. The second event was just down the street at the AutoZone. A door handle was damaged on a pickup, I figure they were trying to get into it also, but didn’t succeed. These happened within about 30 minutes of each other. My guess is it’s the same person, maybe they realized they weren’t ready to be a car burglar and will give up.

Officers also made two trips to San Antonio hospitals to transport patients who we had detained for emergency mental health evaluations.

The good news is that law enforcement has come a long way in dealing with mental health issues, when I first started the jail was about the only place to take people.

Our officers booked some people into jail too. Sgt. Hanson had two arrests. One for a felony DWI (suspect had at least two prior convictions) and the other for a person driving with a suspended license (w/prior convictions). Sgt. Hanson gets a gold star or something for trying to keep our roads safe this week. Lt. Dear made an arrest for possession of marijuana, the result of a traffic stop. It was interesting the ages of the three we took to jail were 35, 36, and 37 years old. That’s just something meaningless I figured I would point out. Maybe use them for lottery numbers and cut the PD in on the winnings if you hit it big.


RICHEY PRIEST is the Chief of Police in Lytle.

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