Chief Priest’s Report – Lytle



We made it through the Fourth of July! We had 55 calls last week. If I had a buck for everybody that called the PD asking if the city was having a fireworks show, I would have a lot of bucks. I know the show was really missed; I am sure we will come back with a real humdinger next time.

A shoplifter at H-E-B Plus made off with some baby bottles and body wash … what a combo. A crook hit the St. Andrew Church, a female in a pickup was spotted stealing some potted plants from the front of the church! This would just be confirmation that people will steal anything from anywhere. The last of our three property crimes was a theft of some scrap metal, (about a bag full!) from behind the Apron Shop on Adams Street. We cited and released a female for class C theft. No trips to jail this past week.

Just after midnight on July 3, Capt. Reyes checked out a stranded motorist on Railroad Street (near the Bexar Co. line). He was assisted by Sgt. Hanson. They were going to help push the car off the road, but when the guy opened the door to put it in neutral, Sgt. Hanson saw a “meth” pipe. The fellow took off on foot and then hit the brush line. Sgt. Hanson got cut up by thorns and kicked by the suspect, he was checked out by EMS and then went right back to work. The bad guy got away, but we have him identified so we can proceed with charges.

My plan to have officers on the water towers looking for fireworks violators fell through. Officers complained about access to restroom facilities, so I investigated having a porta-potty hoisted up on each tower. I figured our Mayor would complain about me “ruining our picturesque skyline” so I nixed that idea. Then there was the problem with the insurance. My safety plan didn’t pass the test. It seems that a couple World War II surplus parachutes (courtesy of eBay) wasn’t good enough. Live and learn.

RICHEY PRIEST is the Lytle Chief of Police. You may reach him at richard.

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