Chief Priest Weekly Update

Greetings from Lytle PD

We had a nice full week with a good balance of police activity.  Property crimes included a report of a stolen cell phone, a window broken out at Tots to Teens dentistry (suspect identified), and a theft at Big Tex Trailers.  At Big Tex they took off with 12 trailer tires as well as four ramps, with at total loss valued at $2,820.  The most interesting theft occurred at HEB where a suspect left the store with a fancy $200 baby monitor; he was confronted by employees but took off running across the parking lot. After a few minutes and a jog down the street he went back to the store and returned the monitor. He then fled in a pickup, we are pretty sure we will be able to identify him.  Why would somebody steal a fancy video baby monitor? Well my guess is that drug dealers love them. They can point the camera outside and then watch on the screen as their customers pull up.  They can also see if the “police” are checking on them too! 

This week’s arrests were predominately drug related. Three took the ride for possession of marijuana and another three went for possession of meth. One in the meth arrest had a handgun too so he picked up an additional charge.  Guns in the hands of law abiding citizens is a “good thing,” guns in the hands of people buying and selling illegal drugs in Lytle is a “bad thing.”  A situation like that could turn tragic in a matter of seconds; luckily the suspect opted to use good judgment over the other choice of using his weapon.  We also had an arrest for an out of state warrant on a suspected possible shoplifter at HEB. The fellow was wanted out of Iowa for not showing up on a DWI charge.

If you have seen the activity over by the Bealls/HEB it’s a soon to be new restaurant, yep I know I’m excited about our new Taco Bell. Usually we only get Mexican food places so it will be nice to have something different.

It’s almost time for our National Night Out event. We will again this year be holding it in conjunction with the Lytle Fire Department (mostly because they let us use the restrooms at the fire station).  It will be Tuesday Oct. 4, 2016 and run from 6 – 8  p.m. It will be held as the Gidley House Town Square (or whatever the official name of that place is). We will be offering free food (I can guarantee we won’t be serving hot dogs, I think we are about “hot dogged out”).  There will be several non-profits set up too as well as a bouncy thing for the kids.  In addition to keeping the restrooms clean the fire department will have their equipment on display and perhaps they will have some cool demonstrations as in the past. Stay posted for an update on the menu for that special evening.  It’s a great time to get to know your public safety team.  Everyone is welcome, even if you don’t like “cops” you can still show up, grab some free stuff and leave. 

Have a good week,

Chief Richey Priest

Lytle Police

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