Chief Priest Weekly Update

While the weekly report was eight pages long this week there really wasn’t a lot of criminal activity. There was some criminal mischief at the John Lott Park; a person cut the cable that keeps cars from getting in.  A complainant reported that someone used her identity to obtain property from Flexi Compras and officers took two reports of debit cards being used without the owner’s permission (both occurred out of our jurisdiction).  We responded to two calls for shoplifters one from the HEB C-Store and one from Family Dollar. In both instances the persons exited the store with unknown items.  We finished the week out with the “egging” of a vehicle on Norvell St.  It just wouldn’t be Lytle if we didn’t have a good “egging” every so often.

    I took an interesting report from a Lake Shore resident who said that he set out several bags of trash on Saturday morning and some unknown person took off with a couple of them.  So I thought this would be a great time to remind everyone to be careful when discarding trash that has personal information in it. A good investment would be a paper shredder.  Now maybe the person had no ill intent, perhaps serving as a “volunteer refuse collector” but I have never really met one of those so my opinion is that maybe a crook took it.

    In other “news you can use” it looks like O’Reilly Auto Parts will be coming to town, expect to see activity on the property next to Sonic.  I like our pace of steady commercial growth, nothing too overwhelming but always something new going on. 

    Our National Night Out event was another success, my guess is we had about 200 – 300 people show up.  Sixty five pizzas were served and by the end of the night we didn’t have anything left.  Special thanks to the Lytle VFW and their Ladies Auxiliary who served the pizza and drinks, The Lytle HS National Honor Society who served cookies and the Lytle Public Works & Park Service who helped with the set up and overall operations.  We had several booths set up that included the Lytle 4H, Naegelin Farms, Atascosa Family Crisis Center, the Lytle Chamber of Commerce, Wayne & Christi Vaughn, Lytle VFD and of course the Lytle PD. I was able to speak with numerous residents and I got a little negative feedback from a few of the people I talked to.  One said they expected me to provide a long speech and were disappointed I only spoke briefly.  I reminded them that I am “A man of action, not words”. Another commented that it would have been nice if the Mayor and I provided some glossy 8 X 10 photos that we could autograph and personalize for people. I must admit that I will try to do better next year; I am already working on a speech and locating a professional photographer to take some “glamour shots” of the Mayor and me. 




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