Chief Master Sgt. Donald Bramlett, relatively unknown, ‘did a lot’ for his country

With Veteran’s Day coming up on November 11, it is appropriate to honor those who served to protect our liberty and freedom.

Being the United States we live in, a nation where many have sacrificed to preserve our country’s heritage and future, it is especially important to bring stories such as this one about a retired serviceman living in the Pleasanton area.

Chief Master Sergeant Donald C. Bramlett had served with CINCPAC (Commander in Chief, US Pacific Fleet) U. S. Navy, under the close authority of Admiral Chester W. Nimitz.

Bramlett was called in on secret operations. Much of his military work dictated that he have a “low profile” by necessity, while he was honorably serving his country.

I feel Donald Bramlett ‘has a case’ for being one of the least known highly decorated retired servicemen in the United States. He served in many facets of service to the country. You’ll see as his story unfolds.


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