Chief Kaiser’s contract renewed

Following deliberation in closed session, the Jourdanton City Council voted to renew the contract for Jourdanton Police Chief Eric Kaiser, at the April 15 meeting. The contract becomes effective May 1, 2019 and runs through May 2022.

Council member Raul Morales made the motion, which council member Johnetta Goetzel seconded.

Morales thanked Chief Kaiser for his service. Goetzel said she was honored to have seconded the motion, and that she had all the confidence in the world in Chief Kaiser and the department.

“We appreciate all your work coming through for us when we needed an interim (city manager), obviously with all your department, we appreciate the work that you do. Thank you,” said council member Karen Pesek.

“For the record, I believe that Chief Kaiser has done an excellent job as coming in as Interim also,” said council member Chester Gonzales. “It is my opinion that it’s not good business for us to approve this contract with the size of our city.”

Council member Jack Harrison congratulated Chief Kaiser on the job he has done and told him to keep up the good work.

Council voted 4-1 in favor of Kaiser’s contract renewal, with Gonzales voting against. This is the third renewal of Kaiser’s contract.

HOT funds to promote JVFD Cook-Off

Following a presentation by Jourdanton Volunteer Fire Department Captain Jeff Rankin, council voted unanimously to approve a Hotel Occupancy Tax Fund Application from the Jourdanton VFD and resolution, authorizing the use of Hotel Occupancy Tax to promote the 29th annual Jourdanton VFD Cook-Off on May 17 and 18, in the amount of $3,000.

The funds will be used towards newspaper and radio advertisements to promote the annual fundraiser, which will take place this year at Jourdanton City Park.

The event will include a washer tournament, Kids Que, IBCA Barbecue Cook- Off, live music on Saturday night and a live auction. The Ballet Folklorico group out of Poteet will also perform and Methodist AirCare will also be on hand giving tours. Five local youth groups will also be selling concession stand items to raise funds. Food they will serve includes sausage wraps and chips, mini-tacos, turkey legs, water, soda and desserts.

The department is aiming for 40 teams to participate and so far, 15 teams have registered.

Council member Pesek asked if the $2,500 for newspaper ads Rankin was requesting is the quote the newspaper gave him. He responded it was. Pesek asked if it was running in color or black and white and Rankin responded color.

“Personally, I don’t feel like that’s necessary because that makes it a $840 difference, that’s a lot of money. They want to run the ad for two weeks prior to the event, a half-page ad is $660, so that adds up to the $1,200. Adding color adds $150 for each time,” Pesek said.

She pulled up ads from 2016 and 2017. They did not run ads to promote the event in 2018.

Pesek was concerned that nothing on the ad attracted those like her who do not barbecue.

“I know I saw on Facebook yesterday maybe, that you all are asking for non-profits to come and sell food. It’s late for this, you know what I mean,” Pesek.

“They are advertising for people and children to barbecue, they advertise the pay-back, but there is a little blurb at the bottom advertising the dance,” explained Pesek.

Rankin said the newspaper ads will be totally revamped, geared more toward bringing out the public to the event, the washer tournament, dance, etc. rather than just inviting the barbecue teams.

Rankin said that the current flyer is what they post when they are trying to invite the barbecue teams.

Council member Harrison asked Rankin if he had spoken to the newspaper about running any of the ads for free and as a public service.

Rankin said he notices more color items and photos, rather than black and white print.

Pesek added that in 2016 the city gave them $3,000, but they did not have any idea of how many hotel rooms were used. Rankin said he was not in the department then. Pesek felt it should be included, because they are predicting that rooms would be used, yet a block has not been reserved. If the department is saying they will fill rooms with 75 people or so, she thought rooms would be reserved by now. Rankin said he does make the calls when he can, but he can’t do it Monday- Friday. The city did give him a code, though, that Rankin gave to all of the teams.

Harrison asked how much profit was made last year. Rankin responded it was down from the previous years. Last year it was approximately $7,000 gross and in other years it was $18,000-$19,000 gross. He pointed out last year it was held in a private location and that is part of why there is a big push to bring it back to the city.

Council member Gonzales said the city park is probably one of the biggest assets that they have. He was glad it was coming back there, as well as having booths for non-profits to raise funds.

Rankin said he is also posting the event on their social media page. He is posting here and there, to draw different audiences.

Pesek said she appreciated the department, as she was dog sitting recently and the wind blew down a huge tree limb and what she thought was a power line.

Other business

Council voted unanimously to approve the ordinance amending the budget to provide for the transfer of certain funds for a grant awarded to the Jourdanton Fire Department for Texas Forestry Grant- Rural Volunteer Fire Department Assistant Program. Fire Captain Jeff Rankin explained the department received a 90/10 grant. Since they received $9,000 from the grant, Rankin was requesting $1,000 to help match it. The grant is specified for bunker gear or wildland/dual credit extrication gear. The department recently sent 11 individuals to extrication class in Pleasanton. All of the extrication gear is outdated and in need or repairs, so the grant came in perfect time for them to replace that gear, explained Rankin. They will be able to outfit 18 firemen with this grant.

Also approved:

Council members unanimously approved to accept the petition for voluntary annexation for the property commonly known as the Cepillo Subdivision Unit 1, an approximately 16.61 acre tract of land lying in the J. Poitevent Survey No. 1, Abstract No. 1239.

Council also unanimously approved a proposed agreement to provide services upon voluntary annexation to the property known as Cepillo Subdivision Unit 1.

Council unanimously approved the resolution declaring certain property as surplus property and authorizing the city manager to auction said property through the Atascosa County Sheriff’s Auction on May 8.

The council voted unanimously to adopt the resolution suspending for 45 days the effective date proposed by CenterPoint Energy Resources Corp., South Texas Division in its application filed on or about March 28, pursuant to section 104.301 of the Gas

Discussion,Utility Regulatory no actionAct. taken:

Tom Turk of M&S Engineering gave a presentation of the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Data application. It would allow for city-wide mapping which the city could store and retrieve easily. It can provide users with info and mapping data on city limits, zoning, flood plains, drainage systems, aerial imagery and more, and the city would own the data. The program is something the council can consider in the new budget.

Closed session items, no action taken:

Discussion and update regarding Irene Hernandez Ruiz and IJ RV Park LLC. v. City of Jourdanton.

Discussion and update regarding City of Jourdanton vs. Slay Engineering/Texas Multi- Chem/Huser Construction LLC and North American Specialty Insurance Company, Defendants.

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