Charlotte Public Library loses accreditation

The Charlotte Public Library will lose its accreditation by the State of Texas on August 31.

After failing to submit required paperwork to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission for accreditation in April, the Charlotte Public Library will no longer be accredited. Accreditation status is what helps qualify the library for state funding, grants and other discount programs. The facility can remain open as a public library without state accreditation, however, it could mean the library will lose access to some grants and programs that cover certain necessities.

In May, Charlotte Mayor Anna Estrada said via text message, the library accreditation paperwork had not been completed for the last two years.

“The reason that the Charlotte City Library lost its accreditation was because the annual report was not submitted for two years. We will be working on that and submitting the paperwork to the Texas State Library,” Estrada said.

However, according to records from TSLAC, the library was accredited the past three years. Pieces of information for the accreditation report for the year 2016 was submitted to TSLAC after the April 30 deadline, but not enough to gain accreditation, TSLAC officials said.

“They did not report in time to meet the deadline requirement. As a result, they will be accredited through August 31 but will not be accredited through 2018,” TSLAC State Data Coordinator Stacy Malek said.

The Charlotte Public Library has experienced issues remaining staffed with a librarian. Three different individuals have held the librarian position in the last year and a half. Although obtaining certification to be a librarian is not required, Raeven Cruz was the most recent librarian, who resigned from the position in late March. Cruz shared she never received appropriate training and was tasked with figuring out things on her own.

“I was a little disappointed how it has been implied that I was the reason for the loss of accreditation when I had no information to complete those annual reports,” Cruz said. “That was not the reason why I decided to resign, nor was it because of the community. The council and many others had no idea what was really going on while I was working there. I decided to leave because the experience I had working for the City of Charlotte was not an enjoyable one.”

The City of Charlotte is currently interviewing candidates for the librarian position. The next regular meeting of the Charlotte City Council is being held on Thursday, July 13 at the Charlotte City Hall at 6:30 p.m.

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