Charlotte program takes a hit in staff

Loses head football, volleyball and baseball coaches



In the last month, the Charlotte ISD athletic program took a major hit to its staff, losing half of their coaches including the head football, volleyball and baseball coaches.

“We took a huge hit and it’s hurting us real bad,” said Charlotte Athletic Director Shawn Vowell. “We lost some great talent.”

Head football coach Jerry Dominguez, who has been with the program for 6 years, is moving to Alpine, TX, hometown of his wife and Charlotte’s head volleyball coach, Ruby Dominguez. She is looking forward to moving back home and taking up a teaching position at the local school.

“I once told Jerry that if he could give me 3 years here, that would be great, and he gave me 6 years so I’m grateful for that,” said Vowell.

After a long run of 13 years in the Charlotte athletic program, head baseball coach Will Gates is also moving on.

“We were lucky to have him with us for this long,” said Vowell.

During his run as head baseball coach, Gates has taken the Trojans to playoffs year after year, reaching the Regional Quarterfinals this past 2018 season.

However, Gates is not moving that far. He is taking the position of head baseball coach and assistant football coach at Falls City ISD this upcoming season.

As for others who are leaving, assistant baseball coach Jose (Joey) Dominguez is moving to Palacios, TX to take on as assistant football and track coach.

“In the three years he was with us, he was one of the hardest workers I have ever worked with,” said Vowell. “He is going to be hard to replace.”

Also leaving the program is Jim Hensell who will be leaving to work in San Antonio.

“Our program is losing a lot of great quality, but in this profession, that’s what happens,” said Vowell. “ I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Coach Jerry Dominguez, Coach Ruby Dominguez, Coach Jose Dominguez, Coach Will Gates and Coach Jim Hensell for all you’ve done for our athletes over the years. Your time, dedication and love of all things Trojans is very much appreciated. On behalf of the Charlotte Booster Club, we’d like to wish you all the best of Luck at your new positions.”

On Thursday evening, the Charlotte Athletic Booster Club announced the hiring of their new head football coach, Rene Ortega. The Trojanettes will also be getting a new head volleyball coach this season, Iliana Romo. Watch for a full story on Ortega and Romo in the upcoming weeks to see what they have planned for the upcoming seasons for the Charlotte Trojans and Trojanettes.

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