Charlotte ISD board to provide school supplies

For the last few years, it has been the desire of the Charlotte ISD school board to provide all school supplies for their students.

“We have always wanted to take that burden away from our families. We estimated it costs on average $100/kid for supplies and most parents try to pay for that up front. Some families also have multiple children, making it even more expensive,” said Charlotte Superintendent Mario Sotelo.

At the end of June, CISD announced they will be purchasing all necessary school supplies for students, elementary through high school, for the 2019- 2020 school year. The only thing children will have to supply are their backpacks.

“With House Bill 3 coming into effect, we received more money than in recent years, roughly $500,000 more than last year. One of the key issues of HB3 was to give tax payers a break, so we decided to not only take care of our teachers by raising their pay, but to take care of the families in our district as well by providing school supplies for students.”

Sotelo expressed his gratitude for HB3 in that it is allowing CISD to not only benefit their faculty and staff, but their students as well.

“What better way to spend our money than on our students. We are more than happy to do it and excited that we are finally able to do it.”

In addition to providing their staff with a pay raise, and their students with school supplies this year, Charlotte ISD is experiencing some big changes including renovating their baseball field. The funding for that comes from the Bond Issue that was passed in the November election. CISD is also in the process of hiring in a group/individual counselor that will focus primarily on students’ well being.

Keep an eye out in future issues for more exciting things happening at Charlotte ISD.

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