Charlotte council discusses library, Christmas event

The Charlotte City Council is in the works of improving its community by bringing plenty of new fun and exciting things for its residents. During their regular meeting on June 14, various items were discussed in regards to said improvement including the new city website so close to completion and publication along with fixing the roofing of city offices and buildings and residential sewage concerns. However, two items on the agenda highlighted what the council is doing for the community.

First was Charlotte Public Librarian Marianne McGinnis with her library reports and news updates to the council. McGinnis has been in the position for almost a year now and has put in a lot of time and effort into bringing back the library services to residents. One year ago, it was reported that the library lost its state accreditation and all state funding for not completing and submitting required paperwork by the deadline. Coming into the new position with this at hand, McGinnis has not let that slow her down from doing her job as the new librarian. As of April, she stated she has caught up on and submitted all required paperwork to the state and is looking forward to the library acquiring their state accreditation this coming August. In between then, McGinnis has been hard at work writing grants and fundraising for the library to bring new and improved programs and materials to the patrons.

The library has since held summer reading programs, story time, writing workshops, purchased and received new books, etc. Most recently, McGinnis purchased some metal book shelves from Poteet Librarian Lisa Burbridge to replace the old ones currently in the library. Not only do these new shelves improve the appearance of the library with spacing in the building and on the shelves, but it also appeals to recent safety concerns for library patrons. McGinnis mentioned the old ones were so worn out, she feared one day they would fall and harm someone. The new shelves do not pose that risk. Coming to the library on Thursday, June 28 is Charlotte resident Jeff Bray with his new children’s book “Elissa the Curious Snail”. He will be reading it during story time that day at 10 a.m. as well as have a few available for purchase. You can contact Marianne McGinnis at the library for more information on upcoming events at 830-277-1212 or by visiting the library at 77 Yule Ave in Charlotte.

A major event the council has been working on bringing back to the community is one that was missed this past year by residents: Christmas in Charlotte. Resident Adelfa Muñoz approached the council earlier in the year, volunteering to take point in planning the event. She has experience with this event and many others alike in the community and wanted to bring it back this year. The council unanimously and happily approved and offered their assistance should she need it. Muñoz has already been hard at work reserving DJs and small bands to perform that evening. During the June meeting, she sought approval of a $500 deposit needed to reserve Sammy Saucedo as the main entertainer for the night. Council member Christi Rankin approved the deposit with Matthew Mayberry seconding. Muñoz also mentioned she was in search of sponsors and vendors for the event that is slated for December 1 this year. You can contact her at 210-380-2345.

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