Cessna makes emergency landing

A pilot and his passenger, traveling from Hondo to Corpus Christi had to make an emergency landing in Pleasanton when his single engine Cessna plane developed engine failure. The accident happened on Saturday, November 12 at roughly 5:45 p.m.  

The pilot, having already passed Pleasanton, turned the aircraft around to touch down at the Pleasanton Municipal Airport runway, but realizing he wouldn’t make it, he made an emergency landing on Airport Road approximately 1 mile south of the airport.  

The Cessna struck the top of a Lexus SUV and continued off the right side of the roadway and crashed. 

Flight instructor, First Officer for a regional airline and mayor of Pleasanton, Clint Powell said “When a pilot is put in an emergency situation that ends up with the plane on the ground and everyone walks away, it’s a good day.” 

The pilot, Greg Coyne and passenger Maty Sue Coyne were transported to South Texas Regional Medical Center with minimal injuries. The driver of the SUV sustained no injuries. 

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