“Cauveracity” explained … finally

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I love my hometown and my friends. Especially the ones who can shed light on my random questions.

After my column last week on Norman Porter’s query he would pose to people “how’s your cauveracity,” I heard back from one of his nephews, Joe Wayne Vickers.

And, as usual, the humor of the Brite/Porter clan comes through – a trait that is apparent in the family members that I know at least!

He wrote:

“I enjoyed your column on Uncle Norman and his use of the expression “How’s your cauveracity’?” My grandmother, Nora Brite, also used this greeting from time to time, and I often wondered what it meant.

For a long time I thought the word was “kaperasti” At first I thought it was just a nonsense word, or maybe a corruption or mispronunciation of a foreign word (I had the idea that it was a Polish or Czech word for “butt” or something like that).

But then one day as an adult, the answer struck me from the blue. The word is actually “corporosity”, referring to the corporal body or the physical being. In the Southern or Texas dialect, it comes out as “copperosty” or “kaperasti”. So, “How’s your corporosity?” just means “How is your state of health” or “how is your physical self”—another way of saying “how are you doing?” Anyway, thanks for all of the kind words about Norman—I know Iris and the family appreciated them as well.”

The way I see it, no, Joe, thank you! Shedding light on a phrase I’ve heard since Jr. High and the friendship of your whole family deserves my thanks.

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