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There has been a lot of junk* floating around FaceBook and the internet about exaggerating the numbers of deaths due to COVID-19 in order to get more money, embarrass Trump or tank the economy.

This kind of horse hockey* helps no one. We shouldn’t panic BUT when it strikes you or your family it is devastating.

Most people, 99%+ get over it with just the inconvenience of a bad headache, cough or flulike illnesses.

But a word about CAUSES OF DEATH: My grandfather died at 88 years of age. He had a history of congestive heart failure and during the last six months of his life his arthritis and muscle weakness impaired his ability to turn the starter on his pick-up. (Yes, that should have been a message from God to stop driving, but he missed his usual rounds.) My grandmother would start his truck in the morning and he would drive to the post office and get the mail and take it to my Uncle Bubba’s office (all the while, leaving his truck running). Then he would go to the Jourdanton State Bank (he was Chairman of the Board) and make sure everything was running smoothly, and probably flirt with a bank teller or two. Then he would drive to his farm to check on his cattle … again, leaving the truck running.

Finally, he would make his way back home for lunch and a nap and his day’s work was done.

In January of the year the died, he caught Type B influenza (even though he had a flu shot). He went into congestive heart failure and died within a few days.

Now the question: what did he die from?

A. The Flu
B. Congestive Heart
C. Sarcopenia (muscle
weakness from age)
D. Advanced Age
E. Broken heart because
he couldn’t check on
his cows

THE ANSWER IS ALL OF THE ABOVE. Don’t discount a cause of death when someone has COVID-19 and something else. That helps no one and I am tired of seeing that BS* all over social media.

Be calm. Be safe. Protect those at highest risk. Be a better person today than you were yesterday.

[*I am restrained.]

MICHAEL MCFARLAND is a licensed medical physician in Jourdanton.

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