CASI Chili Cookoff at Cowboy Homecoming



After a long-time hiatus, a chili cook-off organized by Rusty Prasifika returned to Cowboy Homecoming. With 20 entries Saturday and 15 entriesSunday,theeventwas considered a success and great fun was had by all who entered and judged. Judges included the Pleasanton City Council,CityManagerJohnny Huizar, Pleasanton Police Chief Ronald Sanchez and Senator Pete Flores as well as individualsfromthecommunity such as PISD counselor Sarah Evans. Rep. Ryan Guillan stopped by the judging to say hello. CASI Chili cooks came from all over South and Central Texas to tame the Cowboy Homecoming Cookoff.

“Many former World Champs and TEXAS State Champs competed. Former three time Pleasanton Chili Champ Annell Causey couldn’t miss this even. After the spoons were at rest from judging, six teams qualified for Terlingua, and one show team qualified, thanks to Mel and Happy Burton for their help in running the event. There were 20 teams on Friday and 15 on Sunday,” said Rusty Prasifika.



The CASI chili cook-off took place in the Pleasanton River Park orchard during the 54th Cowboy Homecoming Festival.

Thank you again Rusty “TIBS” Parsifika for all your hard work.

Saturday Winners

1. Bayette Reiter
2. Jeanette Hodon
3. Richard Knight
4. David Richardson
5. Happy Burton
6. Candace Reiter
7. Mel Burton
8. Bob Lischernes
9. Annell Causey
10. Janet Cielenck

Sunday Winners

1. Larry Hodon
2. Fortino Quintanilla
3. Richard Knight
4. Melodie Smith
5. Lori Herries
6. Lewis Garret
7. Jeanette Hodon
8. Alan Dean
9. Don Causey
10. Steve Herries































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