Calling all Cowboys



The crowd of people young and old and in between, stared in disbelief and excitement as more than 70 Longhorn cattle stampeded through the downtown streets of Pleasanton. Hot on the animal’s heels, were more than 15 cowboys – their ropes raised high ready to bring down the mighty herd by force if needed.

And, that was just the parade!!!

So began what many thousands of South Texans and thousands more still from the US and abroad now call Cowboy Homecoming. An annual festival dedicated to a heritage of the men who worked their way through the Brush Country with 43,000 heads of cattle by their sides hundreds of years before.

Chamber moves Cowboy Homecoming to October

Over the years, Cowboy Homecoming has grown, transformed and even moved locations. But, the biggest change yet is soon to come as Cowboy Homecoming has officially made the move to October with the Chamber of Commerce laying claim to its name with a trademark.

Farmers keep August rodeo

With youth on their side, the Pleasanton Young Farmers will take on the heat and hold their annual event the same week in August as is its tradition. Members of this group share common interests: promoting agriculture and supporting the youth of the community. The Pleasanton Young Farmer’s Rodeo will raise funds that will be returned to the community through college scholarships, the purchase of livestock show projects, and contributions and many other charities.

The Pleasanton Young Farmer’s sponsor what is probably the most respected awards given to a Pleasanton citizen — “Working Cowboy of the Year” which is handed out at The Pleasanton Young Farmer Rodeo and Dance. The only award that could possibly top that achievement is when a former winner of “Working Cowboy of the Year” is inducted into the South Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.

The Pleasanton Express has devoted extensive coverage every year to “The Working Cowboy of the Year.” Now that our city will be “spreading our cowboy love” over several months, we will have more space to dedicate to covering the very men that were the very reason that an event like Cowboy Homecoming was dreamed of some 46 years ago.

The Pleasanton Express will be dedicating our time to every Former Working Cowboy of the Year to hear his “Cowboy Tale.” We will be recording these Atascosa Iconic Cowboy’s favorite tales of the cowboy’s way of life. We will then edit these stories and feature them in the Express with photos of these men when they were young cowboys working on the range or riding in the rodeo or whatever trail they wish to take us down. Cowboys don’t wait for us to call you and those who love these cowboys, please call too. We will be waiting to hear from you. Simply call the Pleasanton Express (830) 569-6130 and ask for Noel Wilkerson or Sue Brown. You may email us too at nwilkersonholmes@ pleasantonexpress or

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